Great gift ideas for ladies, gents or both!

Here are a few stylish, sensual ideas for that special gal or guy.

1 Shoe bow clips $20
Charming plaid bows, which can be attached to any shoe, are handmade in Auburn, Calif., by The Belle and The Beau, which specializes in bowties, neckties, suspenders and shoe accessories.

2 Jewelry boxes $50
Glittering glass and brass boxes inspired by 16th-century French designs are excellent showcases for jewelry and keepsakes.  Get yours at the Legion of Honor Museum Store, 100 34th Ave., Lincoln Park, S.F.

3 Jadeite cake stand $45.95 to $59.99
Martha Stewart’s enviable jadeite collection is within grasp. Mosser Glass stands, handmade in Ohio since 1959, are available in two sizes: 6 inch ($45.95) and 9 inch ($59.99).

4 Washed seagrass tote $10 to $18
Multipurpose, hand-woven washed seagrass totes made with natural materials are great for hauling groceries or flowers, or just staying put as a magazine holder.

5 Stitchery calendar $24
The richly screenprinted constellation calendar comes with glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread and a needle to stitch a zodiac sign for each month.  Get yours Rare Device, 600 Divisadero St., S.F., (415) 863-3969.

6 Porcelain bowls $32
Inspired by Finnish folk art and designed by Klaus Haapaniemi, stunning 20-ounce iittala porcelain bowls are decorated with owls and foxes.

7 Fishbone tights $38
Soft, long-lasting, stylish and warm for winter, the tights from Anthropologie are made from merino wool blended with anti-pilling acrylic.  Get yours at Anthropologie, 880 Market St., S.F., (415) 434-2210.

8 Amoralle bodysuits $168 to $554
The Latvian lingerie company combines cinematic elegance with contemporary chic in its playful, sensual designs — some of which are versatile enough to go from boudoir to boardroom.

9 Retro safety glasses $29
Certified protective eyewear, the retro-style horn-rimmed specs have tough but lightweight polycarbonate lenses, adjustable steel temples and removable perforated side cups. [Restoration Hardware, 188 Henry Adams St., S.F., (415) 865-0407,]

10 Manpacks $20 and up
“Manly goods. On a schedule” is the slogan of the San Francisco-based company, which offers a subscription service for the best basics (shirts, aftershave, socks, condoms) from the best brands (Calvin Klein, Raw Materials, Mozo, Sir Richard). Myriad personal options are available, including the ever-popular gift card.

11 The Naked Brewer $16.95
Subtitled “Fearless Homebrewing, Tips, Tricks, and Rule-breaking Recipes,” the book by “Beer Chicks” Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune — highly recommended by brewing aficionados — is packed with secrets like a recipe for a 15-minute German brew. [Booksmith, 1644 Haight Street, S.F., (415) 863-8688,]

12 Handmade cutting board $65 to $90
San Francisco woodworker Luke Bartels’ elegant, natural, handmade boards, crafted from a variety of species, are great for meat or cheese men. Get yours at theGeneral Store, 4035 Judah St., S.F., (415) 682-0600.

13 OW socks $24
Office Wiederholt socks are long-lasting, stylish and made in Japan’s finest hosiery factories from the highest-quality materials. Get yours at Kappa-Zakka, 460 Grove St., S.F., (415) 735-5795.

14 Beer-making class $85
San Francisco’s DIY-space Workshop teaches an affordable, two-part class for budding beer-makers who want to create brews at home.  Get yours at Workshop, 1798 McAllister St., S.F., (415) 874-9186.

15 Toothbrush holder $49
For the Mr. Grey in your life, Kontextur’s Viktor toothbrush and shaver holders are stylish, slick and functional.

16 San Francisco art $64-$192
San Francisco neighborhoods are depicted on paper-cut artworks offered by Famille Summerbelles. Screenprint ($64) and laser-cut ($192) versions — available in blue, silver and black — are lovely additions to any home.

17 Wave-edge porcelain bakers $14.95 to $24.95
Perfect for oven-to-table entertaining, these roasting pans can hold comfort-food favorites from cobblers to casseroles, and lasagna to macaroni and cheese. Get yours at Sur La Table, 845 Market St., S.F., (415) 814-4691.

18 Novella subscription $17.99 to $21.95 per month
Melville House’s novella subscription fits the bill for bookworms. Presented in sleek volumes, all are short (and sometimes lesser-known) works by literary greats including Austen, Dostoyevsky, Fitzgerald, Maupassant, Woolf and more.

19 Kitchen scale $68
A kitchen scale is imperative for any serious cook, and it might as well be beautiful. U.K.-based Cox & Cox’s cast-iron and chrome scale has metric and imperial measurements.

20 ‘Nighthouse’ print $30
Up-and-coming Australian illustrator Amy Borrell reveals a whimsical eye in a giclee print based on an original watercolor-and-pencil illustration printed on archival, matte paper.

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