Eventbrite is Reimagining The Future of Work

Eventbrite is an innovative global ticketing and event technology platform that connects a community of more than one million event creators with attendees from around the world.

Eventbrite is an innovative global ticketing and event technology platform that connects a community of more than one million event creators with attendees from around the world.

As a company that is fueled by a mission that matters, we recognize our super power is our employees — or Britelings. At Eventbrite, the well-being of our global employees is a top priority and every single Briteling is empowered to show up and do their best work every day.

The Briteland is Not an Office, It’s a Community

Over the last fifteen years, Eventbrite has successfully built a model for a distributed workforce with employees located around the world.  Now, following the pandemic, we swiftly recognized that the future of work would never be the same, and instead of herding employees back to the office, we are now designing a workplace fit for 2050. 

The Briteland is a connected culture that is melding the in-person and virtual worlds, just like our creators are doing with live experiences. The Briteland extends beyond the four walls of our offices around the globe because our diverse Britelings and creators have proven that enriching live experiences can take place anywhere.

We are building a future where employees take more control of how and where they work, and believe empowerment and flexibility is a key that unlocks more of their potential. As part of this program, employees also get an opportunity to temporarily try a remote location so they can test out their options and see what best suits them.

Flexing Into the Future

In response to employee feedback, we’ve shifted to a fully flexible workplace model. We provide three setup options, or working models, for Britelings to choose what’s best for them:

  • Hub: prefers to work in an Eventbrite hub and will be in the office 4-5 days/week
  • Flex: prefers a mix of in-office and virtual work and will be in the office 1-3 days/week
  • Remote: prefers to be fully remote

Taking a BriteBreak 

The world and the workplace continue to evolve, but no matter what changes, Eventbrite is committed to investing in the mental health and well-being of our employees. Six months ago, we launched a pilot program called “BriteBreaks” where we designated one weekday each month for employees to unplug from traditional work and focus on well-being. Through the pilot, we found we were not only more productive as a company, but it helped to mitigate burnout amongst employees. We’ve since turned this pilot into an ongoing part of our wellness program so we can continue to foster an environment where mental health is prioritized.

“During the pandemic, the lines between work and life have been completely blurred, but BriteBreak Fridays have shown us the power one day can have on an employee’s mental health and well-being,” said David Hanrahan, Eventbrite’s Chief Human Resources Officer. “I enjoy seeing how our employees choose to spend the day – going for a hike, taking an educational course, or spending time with loved ones. Personally, I’ve taken these days to spend time outdoors and it has been crucial to my mental health.”

Building The Future of Events

Online and in-person, for a few friends or a global fanbase, Eventbrite is where people come together to build community and share their passion. We are defining what’s next for events and are having a great time doing it.

Are you searching for a mission-driven company where you can make an impact? Then now is your time to seize a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity to help us reimagine the future of gathering. Join the Briteland by visiting us at our Eventbrite careers page.

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