Annual priorities encompassed in LCAP

Here at the San Francisco Unified School District, we talk about improving education every day. And on a regular basis, we stop to take a closer look at how we’re going about it and ask ourselves if it’s working.

But with all the variables that go into making schools great for every child, there is a lot to look at. That’s where a new plan, required by the State of California, called the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) comes in.

This is the LCAP in a nutshell: We identify our annual priorities for student success, put them into action and then measure our progress. Then we use information about how things are — or aren’t — working to update the next year’s plan.

The LCAP is not created by a few people sitting in a room. It reflects the input gathered through many conversations with parents and educators, as well as what researchers have learned about ways to address our most pressing challenges.

Some of our challenges

Here in San Francisco, we have a large number of students who are learning English, and meeting their unique needs is one of the priorities in our LCAP. Also, we look at ways to provide extra support to students who struggle in school. Just as important, we know children aren’t learning if they aren’t attending school regularly, so abating chronic absenteeism is another priority in our plan.

How are we doing?

To show you how our current LCAP is shaping up, I invite you to come tomorrow night for a special event, “Telling the Story Behind the Numbers: Making Sense of District Data.”

Not only will we be looking at how we’re doing so far this year, we’ll also be telling you about the strategies that “move the needle” and where we need more work.

We’ll fill you in on many other things we are measuring, the challenges we currently face to meet our LCAP goals and what the goals and priorities actually look like in our schools.

Finally, we’ll be discussing how our LCAP influences the budget planning currently underway.

For more information about the LCAP, visit

Richard Carranza is the superintendent of the San Francisco Unified School District.


Behind the Numbers: Making Sense of District Data

Hosted by the SFUSD Local Control Accountability Plan Task Force

When: Wednesday, Jan. 27, 6:30-8 p.m. Where: SFUSD Board Room, 555 Franklin St., San Francisco

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