Veterinarian offers tips to San Francisco dog owners

Marty Becker, the veterinarian of 31 years who appears on the “Dr. Oz Show” and “Good Morning America,” will be coming to San Francisco on Monday and Tuesday. His bus tour, “Healthy Pets Visit Vets,” will be stopping in Petco at 1150 El Camino Real in San Bruno on Tuesday from 1 to 2:30 p.m. He has recently launched a book, “Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual.”

Where did the inspiration for the book come from? It came from talking to pet owners about their frustrations. It’s a book of secrets, surprises and solutions. I help people save money, help prevent problems, optimize health and have a richer, deeper connection with their pets.

What are the advantages of having dogs around? There are about eight studies that prove people are healthier with dogs around. They have less allergies, can lower the risk of heart attacks and elevate moods. The reason why dogs have forsaken their own species is because the healing power they have that goes both ways.

What types of tips are there in the book? How to stop a dog from shaking when it’s been bathed, how to get medication into their mouths, how to prevent shedding. We did a year of research. Everyone is into learning tips right now. Some tips are available but are hard to find, and people don’t know how authentic some of them are.

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