Think Judas Priest is finished? ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming’

They may be tooling around the world on an official “Epitaph” farewell tour (which torpedoes into Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord on Oct. 27), but  British metal maestros Judas Priest are far from finished.

They have a new box-set collection of UK singles available, a bevy of new retro-minded merchandise, and one other truly unique release — “The Chosen Few,” a greatest-hits collection like no other, arriving Oct. 11.

It’s an anthology literally hand-picked by their hard rock peers. With liner-note explanations on what each selection meant to every star.

For example, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor chose the locomotive-chugging “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.”
Ozzy Osbourne opted for a definitive buzzsaw from their early catalog, “The Ripper,” and Motorhead’s Lemmy picked (of course) “Breaking The Law.”

Lars Ulrich from Metallica? “Beyond The Realms Of Death.”

Slash? “Screaming For Vengeance.”

Joe Elliott? “Diamonds And Rust.” And so on, for 17 classic tracks.

Alice Cooper (who snagged “Living After Midnight”) put it best: “For a metal band, Priest has always used tons of melody. When you have a singer as great as Rob Halford, you have to write great riffs with great melodies — you can’t just have riffs.”

Stay tuned here for more on Halford, who just turned 60, or visit

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