Team Britney blasts boyfriend abuse claim

When it comes to celebrity scandals, very little surprises us anymore. But if this tabloid tale had turned out to be true, we would have been genuinely shocked: In a cover story her camp slams as “completely fabricated,” Star magazine alleged that Britney Spears’ boyfriend, Jason Trawick, had been abusive to her, even giving her a black eye.

Jason Alexander, Britney’s childhood pal and — very briefly — first husband, allegedly declared to the tabloid, “Britney is in an abusive relationship. She told me her life had turned into a nightmare.”

The former spouses have supposedly stayed in touch since their impulsive 2004 marriage was annulled. And according to the tabloid, Alexander claimed that Britney, who turns 29 today, recently told him that Trawick “hit her so hard it gave her a black eye. She said she couldn’t even leave the house for a week because of the bruising.”

Meanwhile, Radar Online posted an audio recording of a conversation purportedly between Alexander and the “Womanizer” singer in October, in which a male voice recalls hearing that her beau had proposed to her, and a female voice — which doesn’t sound much like Brit’s — retorts, “Before or after he beat on me?”

Andrew Wallet, a co-conservator of Britney’s estate, called “all the statements attributable to Jason Alexander … completely fabricated,” and told TMZ that “the audio recording posted on Radar Online is a fraud and it is NOT Britney. Jason Trawick has never abused her.”

“Star magazine was informed of the falsity of the story before it was published,” he said, adding that the star’s camp would take legal action.

Shame on Star for making up tales about something as serious as abuse, and for creating unnecessary drama for Britney just when she appears to be doing great. (On her birthday no less!)

Off the Road

Lindsay Lohan is not allowed to drive — but it is not because she is considered unsafe behind the wheel, it is because the paparazzi are putting her in danger. You know, the paparazzi who follow her around in case she gets into another one of the car accidents or DUI busts she is notorious for.

In November, the L.A. probation department gave LiLo its blessing to drive. But, TMZ reported, the Betty Ford Center got cold feet about granting the “Machete” star driving privileges because the crowd of shutterbugs who shadow her might create unsafe driving conditions. So Lindsay has contacted her lawyer, seeking a restraining order against the paps, in order to clear the road — literally — for her to drive.

This is one time we think the paparazzi are actually forces for good. Whatever it takes to keep Lindsay from getting behind the wheel, we are all for it — for her sake and that of others.

A Wine Romance

The honeymoon is not over: Katy Perry and Russell Brand enjoyed a getaway to Southern California wine country during Thanksgiving weekend.

The newlyweds of one month “were holding hands and looking very much in love” during a visit to the San Ysidro Ranch, a source told the New York Post. “At the wine-and-cheese hour, Russell was telling jokes and Katy was laughing. They seemed pretty giddy, and despite being in the wine country, neither was drinking.”

Now that is a noteworthy tidbit: Though recovered addict Russell is sober, how come Katy was not drinking alcohol either? Reps did not respond to requests for comment, and you know what that means … cue the pregnancy rumors!

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