Mastodon, pictured, appears with Coheed & Cambria on the Unheavenly Skye Tour at the Masonic this week. (Courtesy Jimmy Hubbard)

Talkin’ ‘Game of Thrones’ with Mastodon’s Brann Dailor

‘Crack the Skye’ tour follows big TV cameo

Mastodon drummer and lyricist Brann Dailor thought it would be relatively easy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his band’s fourth album “Crack the Skye” the way most outfits do these days — by playing it note for note on a sprawling world tour. He was wrong. Not even counting its otherworldly themes of astral projection, time travel, Rasputin’s tsarist Russia and the tragic suicide of Dailor’s sister Skye at 14, the project proved extremely difficult. “It was really tough to reproduce it. It’s a very complex, beautiful record, but we put all the ornaments that we could find on that Christmas tree without it actually falling over,” he says. “But it wound up being very exciting to go back and play it again. It’s a cool piece of art where we really went beyond ourselves.”

How did it feel a few weeks ago when you were no longer the most fanous Bran(n) in showbiz as Isaac Hempstead Wright’s crippled Bran Stark character unexpectedly won “Game of Thrones”?

I had no idea that was coming. I thought it would have been a whole lot cooler if the White Walkers won, and then the last four episodes were just…just darkness. But within the fantasy realm, it was definitely cool.

In 2015, you not only wrote a “Game” soundtrack anthem, “White Walker,” you and two bandmates flew overseas to appear on the show as Wildlings, which you couldn’t contractually discuss at the time.

It was a pretty incredible thing to be part of. We landed in Northern Ireland, and went straight to Titanic Studios, where they had these soundstages for the interior filming, and they set up a little tour for us. So we were handling all the weaponry, even sitting in the throne itself. But that was the only picture we were allowed to take. Otherwise, they don’t like you to touch or photograph anything.

How long was your shoot?

It was only a couple of days, but they were long days. You were up at 4 a.m. for makeup, and you worked until 6 or 7 at night, laying in the mud and getting beat up. Everybody else had alfeady been out there for a week when we showed up. But it was really cool, just being in the mud while the White Walker king stalked by me several times for that scene where he raised the army of the dead; he looked really scary. Then again, they housed us in heated tents, where one White Walker timidly asked the crew for a straw so he could drink his hot cocoa before it got cold.

Did you have a final-episode viewing party?

No. I watched it at home, sitting on my couch with my dog and my cat.


Coheed & Cambria, Mastodon

Where: Masaonic, 1111 California St., S.F.

When: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 25

Tickets: $32 to $59


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