Spurlock takes on male hair in ‘Mansome’

First-person filmmaker Morgan Spurlock takes a casual, quirky and hairy look at the cosmetic aspects of male culture and concepts of masculinity in “Mansome,” his latest documentary.

The movie’s topics include facial hair and manliness, the aversion to body hair, the booming men’s grooming-products industry, the barbershop as a sanctuary where men can be men, male narcissism and how the body- image obsession basically boils down to a working of the survival instinct (it’s about attracting a mate).

Serving up everything from Jason Bateman and Will Arnett at the spa, to the world beard champion on the competition circuit, to a wrestler who shaves his entire body daily, to Spurlock shaving off his own mustache (his young son bawls), the film affirms Spurlock’s status as a nonfiction entertainer.

Yet its anthropological insights are slim, and even with an 84-minute running time, its material feels stretched pencil-thin.

Movie review

Mansome ★★½

  • With Morgan Spurlock, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Paul Rudd
  • Written by Jeremy Chilnick, Morgan Spurlock
  • Directed by Morgan Spurlock
  • Rated PG-13
  • Running time 1 hour 24 minutes