Slayer releases bloody pinball app

So it’s an established fact that heavy metal and that old arcade favorite, pinball, are inextricably linked, right?

Remember that “God Of Thunder”-tilting, classic Kiss machine, anyone?

So it made perfect sense that speed-metal merchants Slayer would jump on board the flipper-flicking bandwagon with its recent “Pinball Rocks” app, inspired by its gut-pummelling “World Painted Blood” album. After all, who wouldn’t want to send a metallic orb skittering around a lifelike table inlaid with spooky pentagrams and such?

But now Slayer is continuing its digital assault via a brand-new Slayer Mobile app, for iPhone, iPod and Android, identified onscreen by the band’s definitive Eagle logo.

The band is offering it free to fans, through either the iTunes Store or Android Market, and it’s available in multiple languages. And it’s a metalhead essential. It gives acolytes access to exclusive content, photos, band news, social media feeds, plus Slayer’s merch store, fan wall, and tour calendar, allowing just about everyone to equally “Reign In Blood.”

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