SF General Hospital's Stephanie Bray to recognize local humanitarians

The executive director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation will be hosting the seventh Heroes and Hearts Luncheon on Feb. 9 at AT&T Park, an award ceremony recognizing local humanitarians. The foundation hopes to raise $1.5 million and expects about 850 guests. To nominate a hero before the Nov. 1 deadline, visit www.sfghf.net/hh/heroes.html.

What is the luncheon’s goal? The goal is to continue to increase awareness of S.F. General Hospital in addition to raising money, which is absolutely critical to the foundation’s ability to support the hospital. Even though we’re raising money to support the hospital, we know the hospital is a hub for a lot of people who don’t have insurance.

Describe the importance of recognizing local humanitarians. It enables the community to rally around those folks who are very quietly going about doing great things that benefit citizens in our community. It’s a wonderful way to recognize those efforts. It also demonstrates that the S.F. General Hospital Foundation really does care about all the citizens in the community.

Is there a prior award-winning humanitarian who stands out in your mind?
There are just so many. My first year on the job, I met Tony Stefani, a retired firefighter who started a nonprofit to help firefighters. It’s a simple thing, but it means so much.

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