Serena Ryder debuts single with Melissa Etheridge

For most of her career, up-and-coming Canadian rocker Serena Ryder has had her gravel-throated growl of a singing voice compared, quite favorably, with that of the legendary Melissa Etheridge.

And as they say, when in Rome. … Ryder is currently opening Etheridge’s tour up north, and the light bulb obviously clicked on for the two guitar slingers some time recently: Why not record an actual duet?

And Voila! The debut this week of “Broken Heart Sun,” the first single that pairs their plucky pipes, and it’s so good that it almost begs for an albumful of more.

The flamenco-tempered track could put them both back at the top of the charts.

But Ryder isn’t taking it — or her tour — for granted.

“I have found such an amazing mentor in Melissa Etheridge,” she reports on her website. And apparently, the two have been hanging out together backstage, with Etheridge gladly sharing her road-seasoned wisdom her eager pupil.

We’ve been backing Ryder for quite some time now, and we’re willing to wager that 2011 will be her breakthrough year.

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