Scoop: Winehouse misses her birthday bash

Blowing off concerts is one thing, but Amy Winehouse reportedly missed her own 25th birthday party — leaving gift-bearing friends waiting and reducing her own mom to tears — all because she thought she looked “ugly.”

On Saturday, according to the U.K.’s Sun, three separate cabs were sent to bring Amy to the London club where loved ones and a
guitar-shaped cake awaited her. The troubled singer’s best friend, Remi, reportedly ended up taking the third taxi back to the bash, after unsuccessfully pleading with the troubled singer to join the festivities.

“Amy was standing in front of the mirror telling everyone how rough she looked,” a pal recalled to the paper. “Unfortunately, her lifestyle has had a major affect on her appearance and it’s only just started to sink in.”

“She kept saying she was ugly and was in an awful state. They couldn’t get her out,” the friend went on. “Remi had organized the night and made a huge effort. They had a huge row.”

We’re thinking this situation could have been easily resolved with a hairbrush and some eye-makeup remover.

J.Lo-Down Revenge?

Jennifer Lopez allegedly bowed out of judging the “Project Runway” finale Friday due to a foot injury. But wait just a minute here: How did she go on to complete a triathlon two days later? One report claims the multi-hyphenate diva was miffed about losing a movie role, so she opted to leave the “Runway.”

A source explained to MSNBC that J.Lo had been “hoping for a part” in a flick produced by the Weinstein Co., which also produces “Runway,” and “she was told the day before [the ‘Project Runway’ show] that she wasn’t getting it. She was angry, so she pulled out.”

A rep countered that Jennifer’s “Runway” no-show was “because she had an injury and had to have it rehabbed so she could compete [in the triathlon],” adding that her client “has no issues with Harvey [Weinstein].”

For J.Lo’s sake, we hope that’s true — otherwise, she has a better chance of winning her next triathlon than of working in Hollywood again. 

Kate’s Bad Date

Even a gorgeous, successful actress such as Kate Hudson has a few dating horror stories.

“One date, I just left before we even ordered food,” the “My Best Friend’s Girl” star confessed at a press conference for the movie, “because the guy was just so deeply boring that it was like, ‘I’m going to just save us from all of this and just leave.’”

And it’s no surprise that the free-spirited, bohemian starlet didn’t make a love connection: The dude “was in banking. I’m not kidding.”

Ouch! It’s bad enough getting blown off by Kate Hudson, but does she have to add insult to injury by dissing the poor guy in print?

You just know he knows who he is.

Call Them Bartnett?

Mischa Barton is a single woman after a recent breakup with Rooney frontman Taylor Locke. And apparently she’s already ready to rebound: The U.K.’s Mail reports that the former “O.C.” star set her sights on Josh Hartnett when their paths crossed Monday night at London hot spot Bungalow 8.

As he hung with drummer pal Nathan Followill of Kings of Leon, a witness relayed, “Josh looked pretty bored and was totally ignoring Mischa. She persisted, though, and kept getting closer and closer to their table while dancing provocatively.” (Why do we suddenly hear the theme from “Jaws” when we picture this?)

“Lots of girls were trying to get near their table,” the gawker continued. “Mischa had a lot to contend with, but didn’t give up.”

Around 1:30 a.m., the actress allegedly headed back to a nearby hotel with Josh and a posse of pals. But — get your mind out of the gutter — she returned to her own hotel after an hour.

We’re a bit skeptical of this report. After witnessing Mischa with skeezy exes Jonathan Davis and Cisco Adler, it seems out of character for her to go for someone who’s actually attractive.

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