Scoop: Travis, DJ AM to recover from crash

After surviving a horrific plane crash that killed four people, rocker Travis Barker and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein are expected to make a full recovery, a doctor from a Georgia burn center announced at a news conference Sunday morning.

The performers, who were returning from a joint appearance at a college in South Carolina when their Learjet tragically malfunctioned, suffered second- and third-degree burns but no other complications, the doctor said.

After sparks flew on the runway, the plane reportedly burst into flames and careened across a highway. Travis and DJ AM were seen fleeing the wreckage. Sadly, the four other people on the plane were lost in the fiery wreck; they included pilot Sarah Lemmon and co-pilot James Bland, and Travis’ assistant Chris Baker — familiar to fans of his “Meet the Barkers” reality show — and security guard Charles Still. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Though recovery could take up to one year, the doctor said, “I would expect it would be much sooner than that.”

Tragic Reunion?

After hearing about ex-husband Travis Barker’s plane crash, a “totally crushed” Shanna Moakler rushed to his side, her mother, Gail Moakler, tells People.

“The family is rallying around [Travis] and saying our prayers,” she adds.

Gail says she will go to L.A. to care for the couple’s two young children — who have not yet been informed of the accident — while Shanna is by Travis’ side.

“There’s still love between them,” Gail says of her daughter and the former Blink-182 drummer. “They may be divorced, but they’re still very close. She spends a lot of time with him. Their priorities are their kids.”

Travis and Shanna have been back and forth about their relationship for years. Could this tragedy be what finally makes them realize they’re destined to be together?

Bar Man

Have on-off couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli split — or are they trying to make it work? Following recent breakup rumors, the pair have lately been spotted clubbing together in NYC, Star reports. But according to the tabloid, the actor can’t seem to decide whether he wants to be with Bar  —  or be at the bar picking up girls.

Just about a month ago, a model tells the tab, Leo was chatting her up at an Ibiza beach club: “We met at the bar and began talking and drinking together,” she recalls. “He asked if I had a boyfriend, and when I said no, he suddenly put his arm around my shoulder, and it soon made its way down to my waist.”

After chatting with Leo for an hour, the beauty says, she rejected his invitation to hang on a buddy’s yacht: “I told him I wasn’t impressed — my family owns one!”

Guess even when you’re Le­onardo DiCaprio, a cheesy come-on is a cheesy come-on.

C-Rod No More

We were slightly shocked when news broke that Alex Rodriguez and wife Cynthia had quietly reached a secret divorce settlement.

After all, we were sort of looking forward to hearing the juicy details of Cynthia's accusations of infidelity and an emotional relationship with Madonna. But wouldn’t you know, they had to go and act like grown-ups.

During a face-to-face talk at the NYC apartment the ex-spouses used to share, “he was wonderful and she was wonderful,” a source told the New York Daily News.

Another told the paper the talks were “very amicable” and that the Yankees slugger “is very pleased with the outcome,” including the chance to spend more time with the couple’s two daughters during the off-season.

Cynthia, an insider told People, is also “relieved and pleased” with the agreement, adding, “Cynthia … wanted to settle everything and move on.”

Nice to hear they worked things out amicably for the kids’ sake — even if we do feel cheated out of some good old Christie Brinkley-style mudslinging.

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