Scoop: Top 10 shockers of the summer

From Madonna to Christie, these celebs surprised and scandalized us.

1. Chris Kattan’s split from his wife. In August, the former “SNL” funnyman formally separated from model Sunshine Tutt after just eight weeks of wedded non-bliss. Actually, the real shocker is that Mango scored a model for a wife in the first place.

2. Shia LaBeouf’s DUI bust and car crash. Even after the Walgreens incident, we couldn’t help but gasp at the news that the “Transformers” star had smashed up his car — and his hand — and was found to be intoxicated behind the wheel in July. Easy there, Shia: Just because Lindsay’s reformed now, nobody expects you to pick up her slack.

3. The birth of Brangelina’s twins. Yes, after a media blitz trumpeting their arrival — and the $14 million price tag for a glimpse of them — the July delivery of Knox and Vivienne wasn’t exactly a surprise. What was? The fact that their superstar parents actually gave them relatively normal names.

4. The death of Ruslana Korshunova. The Russian supermodel may not have been a household name, but she made headlines and tugged heartstrings when she plummeted off her apartment building to her death, apparently by suicide, in June. She was only 20, and friends and loved ones appeared to be baffled by what would lead her to take her own life.

5. Lance Armstrong and Kate Hudson’s breakup. They seemed so close! They were tight with each other’s kids! Alas, these two didn’t last. And we were so looking forward to seeing what their blindingly beautiful offspring would look like!

6. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s breakup. They seemed so close! They uh, actually, this one wasn’t that shocking. Now that we think about it, we pretty much saw it coming a mile away.

7. Britney Spears’ behavior. The most shocking thing about the once reliably scandal-generating pop star’s behavior this summer? That she didn’t do anything shocking. Kudos to Brit for getting her life back together (and more time with her sons), but we’re getting a little bored with the girl.

8. Christie Brinkley’s divorce trial. Just the fact that Peter Cook was cheating on the gorgeous Christie Brinkley would have been jaw-dropping enough. But thanks to their salacious divorce proceedings, we learned that the supermodel’s husband hired a teenager in order to have an affair with her, was addicted to Internet porn and liked to share his more, ahem, intimate moments with the world via Web cam. Wow. Just, wow.

9. John Edwards’ affair. When a leading politician winds up on the cover of the “National Enquirer,” you know you’ve got a doozy of a scandal. We don’t know if we’re more surprised that John cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, lied about it, was suspected of fathering a love child — or that he actually got us to start taking the reporting in the “Enquirer” seriously.

10. Madonna and Alex Rodriguez. Rumors swirled around the baseball star and the pop icon. Did they have an “affair of the heart” — or possibly even more? (Both sides vigorously denied any such talk, with Madonna insisting she is happily married to director Guy Ritchie.) Or was it just a shared appreciation of Kabbalah — and the gym — that brought them together? Either way, it certainly was interesting to imagine what the two of them might talk about together behind closed doors. And the buzzed-about connection may have helped trigger A-Rod’s wife Cynthia filing for divorce, but let’s face it, the publicity certainly didn’t hurt for Madge as she kicked off her summer tour.

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