Thanks to the nasty battle brewing between Tori Spelling and her mother, Candy, the planned Aaron Spelling tribute has been canceled.

Tori signed on to executive produce and host a special on ABC this fall, honoring her uber-TV-creator father, 83, who died in June. Actors from such Aaron Spelling classics as “Charlie’s Angels,” “Love Boat” and “Beverly Hills 90210” eagerly agreed to participate, but Candy denied the network the rights to footage from his shows.

“All of his [Aaron’s] stars had signed on and some interviews had already been taped. But Candy wouldn’t release the clips of his shows because Tori was involved in the project,” a source told People magazine. “She had it killed.”

Candy’s rep, Kevin Sasaki, doesn’t deny that his client put the kibosh on the network special, but he says it has nothing to do Tori and Candy’s familial conflict.

“[Candy] didn’t feel the timing was right since the Emmys were doing a big tribute to her husband around the same time,” Sasaki said.

For the record, Candy granted permission to the Emmys to use footage from Aaron’s TV legacy.

Last month, Tori accused Candy of convincing Aaron to cut her out of his multimillion-dollar will. Slap some shoulder pads on these ladies, and it’s like an episode of “Dynasty.”

Heather’s lock party

Of course, the Spelling family feud is looking like a minor spat compared with the Paul McCartney-Heather Mills divorce, which just keeps getting uglier.

On Monday night, Mills arrived with the couple’s 2-year-old daughter at the London home she shared with the former Beatle only to learn that she had been shut out. McCartney had the locks changed.

Mills had one of her security guards scale the fence, which, of course, got McCartney’s security in a tizzy, so they called the police.

Eventually, everything was worked out, and Mills was allowed into the mansion. McCartney wasn’t home. “She was horrified to find the gate lock changed. It was a huge mix-up,” a source told The Daily Mirror.

But Mills’ rep, Phil Hall, says his client handled the situation with good humor. “She said it was hilarious. It was just a complete mix-up,” Hall told The Associated Press.

McCartney’s spokeman, Stuart Bell, declined to comment. Smart man.

Are you ready for McConniston?

Matthew McConaughey is ready to move on from Penelope Cruz.

Unfortunately, the notoriously naked bongo-player and actor has his sights set on an already spoken for Jennifer Aniston, who, of course, is dating her “The Break-Up” co-star Vince Vaughn.

“When Matthew called, Jen told him she was flattered, but she

didn’t think it would be right to goout with Matt while she’s dating Vince,” an insider told Star magazine.

But the “Failure to Launch” star, who in the past also romanced Sandra Bullock, is undeterred.

“He doesn’t give up when he has his eye on someone. He’s figuring out his next move,” one of McConaughey’s blabby buddies said.

Angelina & Gwen: Weight and see

New mommies Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani have been trading weight-loss tips.

Jolie and her baby daddy, Brad Pitt, hung out with Stefani and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, over the Fourth of July weekend, in what could have been the most famous playdate ever between two babies or two husbands, we’re not sure.

Since the holiday visit, the two lovely ladies have been keeping in touch, chatting about their babies and shedding the pregnancy weight.

“The two of them are often on the phone comparing their weight losses,” a source told Life&Style magazine. “Angie prefers to work out more than Gwen, but they both agree that healthy eating is of the utmost importance.”

Stefani has two-month-old son, Kingston James, and Jolie has a two-month-old daughter, Shiloh Nouvel.