Scoop! predicts celebrity trends for 2011

Today’s Hollywood icons inspire tomorrow’s styles. Based on what the stars did in 2010, here’s what we predict will be hot in 2011.

Meat separates

It’s a fashion axiom that red-carpet looks trickle down to everyday wardrobes eventually. Therefore, given the sensation Lady Gaga’s meat gown made at this year’s Video Music Awards, we fully expect to see department stores stocked with all-beef casual wear, lounge wear and active wear this time next year. Unfortunately, this means malls will be the temperature of a meat freezer, causing holiday sales to drop sharply.

‘Gymnastics With the Stars’

TV audiences have already gone wild for watching D-list celebrities dance and figure-skate — what else is left? Sure, it may be a physically rigorous sport, but no doubt plenty of sort-of-famous people will jump at the chance to don Swarovski-crystal-studded leotards for this instant-hit reality show. We’re already looking forward to the nail-biter of a season finale, when Willow Palin’s killer backflip lands her a narrow victory over parallel-bars master Gary Busey.


Self-centered stars love tweeting constantly — just imagine how stoked they’ll be when a new site comes along with a drastically shorter message length limit, requiring them to emit a steady stream of one-word transmissions to their legions of rapt followers. We can’t wait to see what pearls of wisdom Kanye West comes up with using seven characters or less.

Salvia parties

The kids look up to Miley Cyrus, so if she’s doing it, they will too, right? Well, now that the “Hannah Montana” star was caught on camera inhaling the hallucinogenic herb, we won’t be surprised if her fans start to experiment — provided they live in California, where it’s legal, and are over 18. Wait, scratch that … none of Miley’s fans are over 18.

Celebrity gyms

Now that ultimate trendsetter Madonna has her own fitness center in Mexico — complete with giant photos of herself on the walls — other body-conscious celebs are bound to follow suit. After all, there’s no better incentive to feel the burn than by staring at an 8-foot-high poster of a spandex-clad Rihanna or Katy Perry while you work out.

Willow Smith’s line of ‘Whip-On’ clip-on hair-extensions

Her parents passed down their talent for performing, and we’ll wager she inherited their business sense as well. Since Will and Jada Pinkett Smith will surely be glad to invest in their precocious daughter’s new venture, we predict that pretty soon trendy tweens everywhere will be sporting colorful pompadours and giant heart-shaped braids in the style of Willow’s breakout-hit “Whip My Hair” video.

Celebrity chefs

No, not like Emeril and Mario — we’re talking celebs who actually man the stove at their own restaurant. While Hollywood used to be a town of people who didn’t eat, the foodie trend is now taking hold. Can’t you just picture Gwyneth Paltrow whipping up wild salmon in a scene-y Los Angeles eatery? And of course, every entrée would come with a free lecture from your server about how the dish was local, sustainable and prepared using only animals whose living quarters are more spacious than yours.

‘Teen Mom Rehab’

If you are horrified, yet cannot turn away, when you see Dr. Drew Pinsky’s signature mix of counseling and exploitation on shows like “Celebrity Rehab,” you’ll love this new series. Even if you hate yourself for it. Say, perhaps you have an unhealthy reality-TV dependency that you need to get some help for?

Kitty Raymond is an entertainment writer and astrologer. She welcomes feedback at

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