Scoop! Nicole is arrested, admits using drugs

‘Simple Life” star Nicole Richie has been arrested on DUI charges that might actually stem from substance abuse.

Early Monday, following 911 calls from two drivers, highway patrol officers found Nicole driving her SUV the wrong way, alone in the carpool lane of a Burbank freeway. (The kicker: When pulled over, she was on her cell phone.) After failing a sobriety test, she was arrested at 1:45 a.m., taken into custody, booked with a misdemeanor DUI charge at 4:50 a.m. and released on $15,000 bail around 7:15 a.m.

Police said Nicole told them she had smoked marijuana and taken the prescription painkiller Vicodin, which is often abused recreationally. However, a preliminary screening did not detect the presence of alcohol in Nicole’s system.(Well, booze does have a lot of calories.) Results of a drug test were not in by press time.

A recovered heroin user, Nicole faced possession charges in 2003. Recently, the 5-foot-1-inch star, who weighed 85 pounds at her Monday booking, admitted to seeking treatment for her apparent inability to gain weight. Let’s hope this troubled celebutante gets the help she needs to start putting more food and fewer mind-altering substances into her body.

TomKat’s Big Bash

Oprah didn’t get an invite. But almost all of Hollywood’s A-listers were on hand for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Bev Hills post-honeymoon celebration Saturday night. The power couple, always thinking of others, organized the soiree for friends who couldn’t make their Italy nuptials Nov. 18. But at least a few wedding guests managed to wrangle repeat invites, including Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Also attending TomKat’s fete (held at the home of Tom’s producing partner, Paula Wagner) were directors Steven Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer and Oliver Stone; actors Orlando Bloom and Derek Luke; Holmes’ “Dawson’s Creek” co-star James Van Der Beek and Cruise’s former flame Penelope Cruz. Interestingly, Penelope and Orlando have been romantically linked of late … wonder if she managed to make her newlywed ex a wee bit envious?

The Cruises returned Dec. 1 from their two-week honeymoon yachting in the Maldives (don’t get too jealous; it was marred by rain). Tom begins shooting a film in January, while Katie continues back-burnering her career to focus on baby Suri.

Angelina: Baby Boom?

Actress and activist Angelina Jolie wants to “add many more children” to her household, she told reporters Friday while promoting her new movie, “The Good Shepherd,” in NYC.

As Scoop! reported yesterday, the twice-divorced Angelina has no immediate plans to make an honest man of Brad Pitt, biological father of Shiloh and adoptive dad to Maddox, 5, and Zahara, almost 2. But she’s quite content with their nontraditional family unit. “I’m very, very lucky,” Angie gushed. “I love the different elements of my life. I love working abroad, and I love being with my kids and I love being with Brad.” Hey, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Angelina also silenced doubts that her globe-trotting children enjoy a normal life: “I’ve had so many people offer to take my children to Disneyland or … [to do] things that they assume my kids can’t do. So we plan to find ways to do all of those things. There are worse problems, and so we’re OK.” Of paparazzi attention, she insists, “We simply don’t let it affect us.”

But parenthood places some limitations on Jolie’s and Pitt’s career choices. “I don’t think that I’ve shot for more than seven weeks on a movie in two years,” the devoted mom noted. And when asked if she and Brad will collaborate on another film (they famously met shooting “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), Angelina quipped, “Who’s going to watch the children?”

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