Scoop! Jen crushed by Brangelina PR blitz

Getting dumped is bad enough. But imagine being incessantly bombarded with pictures of your ex and his impossibly gorgeous, confident and successful new babe. Such is the fate of Jennifer Aniston. In the wake of her own breakup from Vince Vaughn, she’s been forced to endure an onslaught of publicity about former husband Brad Pitt’s charmed life with”Good Shepherd” star Angelina Jolie.

New photos of Brangelina romping with their children, including biological baby Shiloh, have really gotten under the “Friends” star’s skin, Us Weekly reports. “The Shiloh pictures kill Jen,” one source told the magazine. Another Team Aniston member chimed in, “She is so torn up about the fact that Brad was able to move on and has a perfect family life with that witch.”

While you might expect Jen to cope by holing up in her room with Häagen-Dazs and vodka, she’s actually found a positive mental and physical outlet for her grief. “She’s doing a lot of yoga,” an Us Weekly editor reports. “She practices almost every day. She cries through poses. It’s just been very cathartic for her.”

But despite her healthy habits, Jen also might just be turning to the most self-destructive behavior imaginable: dating Kevin Federline. Reports are circulating online that the rebounding twosome met at a club, downed shots while commiserating over their exes, then tipsily exited together.

Say it ain’t so, Jen! You’re far, far better off alone than with the FedEx!

Star: I Deserve ‘Diva’ Reputation

After earning a rep as a freebie-scrounging Bridezilla and being ousted from “The View,” Star Jones finally realizes she was, well, a diva. “I’ve earned that diva image,” she acknowledged in an interview with “Extra.” “I admit sometimes I have enjoyed the celebrity more than I should have.”

That abuse of fame notoriously included plugging sponsors of her product-placement-heavy 2004 televised wedding to Al Reynolds — which turned off “View” viewers in a big way.

She cemented her drama queen image in June, after being quietly fired from the show, by embarrassing Barbara Walters with an unexpected, bitter announcement of her departure.

But since then, Star has apparently grown psychologically as rapidly as sheonce shrank physically. “I’ve learned that sometimes modesty and humility shows the most strength and courage,” she says. “That’s the Star that you see right now.”

Not that she’s exactly mended any fences with any of her ex-co-hosts. While she hasn’t spoken to them, the former lawyer waxes diplomatic: “I’m sure that everybody has gone on with their lives and I’ve gone on with mine.”

Nicole and Joel: Heating Up

Hilary who? Since splitting with longtime girlfriend Hilary Duff just weeks ago, Joel Madden has wasted no time moving on to a new main squeeze: “Simple Life” star Nicole Richie. After a brief attempt to keep their relationship under wraps, the couple seems to have gone public — and gotten pretty darned serious. The New York Post reported that Nicole named the Good Charlotte rocker as her emergency contact when she was booked for DUI recently. Now that’s commitment, Hollywood-style!

And since her arrest, the pair have been practically inseparable. On Monday, Nicole was caught walking to her car from Joel’s house-barefoot. Tuesday, she lunched with him at Fred Segal before driving off separately, reports Hey, real discreet, guys — sure no one caught on!

Meanwhile, Joel has severed one more tie with his ex-girlfriend. On Monday, he and Hilary each dropped restraining orders against a photographer they had accused of being in cahoots with Hilary’s stalker, following his apology and cooperation with the case.

No doubt Hilary’s relieved she doesn’t have to deal with this creep anymore … and she’s probably happy about the case, too.

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