Scoop: Celebrity horoscopes for the new year

What’s in the stars’ stars in 2010? Find out what the zodiac has in store for these transitional A-listers

Reese Witherspoon
An independent, take-charge Aries, single mom Reese may find herself flying solo again in 2010. Expect to see her really come into her own this summer, when a big break (think a game-changing role like “Legally Blonde” or “Walk the Line”) makes her thank her lucky stars she’s not tied down to anyone.

Robert Pattinson
His romance with “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart is pretty much an open secret at this point — but it could hit a snag this fall, when Venus turns retrograde. If K. Stew starts to question whether he’s right for her, Rob will have to make a choice about keeping their love on the down-low.

Neil Patrick Harris
The way his life is going, NPH scarcely needs any guidance from the stars. If we can offer him one piece of advice for 2010, it’s to leverage his Gemini malleability and go for a breakthrough dramatic film role. If we can buy him as Doogie, Barney and “Harold and Kumar” self-parody, he can carry a serious movie.

Lindsay Lohan
This could — believe it or not — be a great year professionally for LiLo — if she focuses her energy on networking, not nightclubbing. The starlet needs to convince people with connections that she’s more than just a Hollywood wild child. And staying away from Samantha Ronson — an utterly incompatible Leo who feeds into her drama — would help.

Daniel Radcliffe
Leos love the spotlight — even when they’re standing in it naked, as the “Harry Potter” actor did onstage in “Equus.” With the blockbuster film franchise’s end fast approaching, baring all is a great way for the actor to announce his arrival into adulthood.

Beyoncé Knowles
Queen B is a textbook workaholic Virgo, and with Saturn in her sign for most of the year, she looks set to keep juggling multiple diva duties. But by late October, the pressure will lift. By year’s end, Beyoncé and Jay-Z could be starting a family, or at least planning to.

Gwyneth Paltrow
The ice-princess actress lately has weathered rumors that relations with hubby Chris Martin are decidedly frosty. But if she’s in fact keeping any family secrets, she’s bound to crack under the strain by November. Gwyn may have to take a hard look at herself and make some tough decisions.

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs
In his career as a wheeling-and-dealing Scorpio power player, Puffy presides over an empire. But in his personal life, he’s remained the perennially partying bachelor. This year, daddy Diddy may find himself stepping up to take more responsibility in his kids’ lives — and maybe even make a commitment to long-suffering baby mama Kim Porter.

Miley Cyrus
The “Hannah Montana” star has come of age in the limelight. But now that she’s becoming a young woman, Miley would do well to spend this year flying under the radar. If she doesn’t take time to figure out who she’s growing up to be, she could end up acting out with Lindsay- and Britney-esque antics.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
Coincidentally, the golf great and his wife are both Goats, with their birthdays just two days apart. Born under powerful Saturn, they’re ambitious high-achievers — but when their pride takes a public hit, it’s devastating. This year will be about rebuilding their self-images and re-establishing credibility with the public — together or independently.

Adam Lambert
Aquarians like “Glambert” are known for their edgy, unconventional style and eagerness to push the envelope. This year will bring a great burst of creative growth for the “American Idol” alum and his fellow Water Bearers. Expect to see his act get even more outrageous and his career to really take off.

We all know RiRi had a rough 2009, but she managed to turn it around. This sensitive Piscean can expect even more life-changing surprises in 2010 — but this time they’ll all be good. Looking into her soul and pouring her emotions into music will pay off professionally for the “Disturbia” singer.

Kitty Raymond is an entertainment writer and astrologer. She welcomes feedback at

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