Scoop: Britney is ‘brave little girl,’ mom says

Britney Spears has reconciled with mom Lynne and is still the same “brave little girl” who conquered the showbiz world as a child, the elder Spears writes in her memoir, “Through the Storm.” Though a British tabloid had claimed the tell-all would offer lurid stories of underage sex and drugs, a copy obtained by The Associated Press reveals a far less salacious — but more poignant — story.

In her 211-page tome, Lynne recalls feeling “shock and dismay” at the singer’s dubious life choices, such as marrying childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander in Vegas on a whim — and, oh yeah, that whole head-shaving thing.

But after Britney hit bottom earlier this year, with frenemy Sam Lutfi allegedly sneaking crushed-up pills into her food, her parents took action to get her psychiatric help — a “turning point” for the family, Lynne says. Now Britney, who is said to be an “amazing mother” when she’s got it together, is back on track.

Wow. Six months ago, who’d’a thunk this story would have a happy ending? 

Too Close for Comfort

For three and a half years, celeb watchers have eagerly anticipated the seemingly inevitable: a run-in between former spouses Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. But the A-list exes somehow manage to keep avoiding each other.

The latest such near miss was at the Toronto Film Festival, where the two stars had new films screening two days apart — Brad’s “Burn After Reading” on Friday and Jen’s “Management” on Sunday. But with Jen staying in a hotel downtown, 2 miles from Brad, they were able to keep their distance throughout the festival, Us reports.

And the one-time Hollywood golden couple seemed to be vying to outdo each other in the life-is-grand department. Brad played his usual perfect-dad role, saying of his six kids, “Everyone’s healthy, and everyone’s great.” (Although he did add, “No sleep, though. Sleep is something you long for, but it’s all right. We’ll get it.”)

For her part, Jen blithely glossed over her recent split with John Mayer, saying her life is “busy, but it’s great,” and “things couldn’t be better.”

What a disappointment. We were so looking forward to a shouting match, a Jen meltdown or maybe even a spontaneous make-out session!

Matt: Bad Example?

The name Matthew McConaughey is practically synonymous with the words “beach” and “beer.” (Well, and “shirtless,” but that’s unfortunately not relevant to this story.) However, the party-hearty actor’s Malibu neighbors aren’t too happy about his habit of downing brewskis by the seaside, according to Star.

“Matt is rarely seen without a bottle or can of beer in his hand — he likes to unwind with friends,” a source tells the tabloid. “They surf and down beer after beer.” (In other news, the sun rises in the east.)

But is the “Fool’s Gold” star setting a bad example? “The kids who play on the beach think Matt’s cool because he’s in movies,” the source says. “So their parents don’t want their sons and daughters watching Matt get tipsy.”

Unsurprisingly, adds the source, “Matt thinks they are overreacting. He says he’s a dad, too, and they should mind their own business.”

Uh, Matt, you’ve been a dad for about five minutes. Doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good role model. 

Mommy Naomi?

Naomi Campbell says she wants to be a mom — and until recently, that wasn’t possible. The 38-year-old supermodel revealed to the U.K.’s Press Association that her cyst removal surgery in Brazil this past March was a treatment for infertility.

“They thought it was a cyst,” the temperamental catwalker says. “When they opened it up they realized it was more.”

“I was not able to have children up until March,” the British beauty confesses. “Now it’s in God’s hands. I would love to have a family.”

We wish Naomi the best of luck in being blessed with children, but we can’t help but picture a house full of kids throwing toys at the nanny.

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