Scoop: Brangelina bonanza: The twins’ big debut

Monday, the world finally got to meet its two youngest superstars. Yep, 2008’s biggest overnight sensations, 3-week-old Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, were finally unveiled in People, which posted a teaser of the cover shot on its Web site Sunday night.

Of now being a mother of six, Angelina Jolie told the magazine, “It is chaos, but we are managing it and having a wonderful time.”

And proud papa Brad Pitt described the household as “a cuckoo’s nest.”

Not that the power couple are exactly like your average harried parents. Frenzied bidding for first pictures of the tots reportedly topped out at somewhere between $11 million and $15 million, a record for celebrity baby photos. (Apparently, People and Hello!, which owns the international rights, fell for the old “two for the price of one” trick.)

Of course, the saintly couple supposedly plans to give the cash to charity.

So what do the much-anticipated babies look like? Well, kinda like, uh … babies.

M-K stays mum

Since Heath Ledger died in January of an accidental prescription drug overdose, mystery has shrouded his relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen — who was repeatedly speed-dialed by the masseuse who found the actor’s body before 911 was even called. Now, the New York Post reports (and People sources second) that the tiny twin won’t submit to an interview by federal investigators probing the “Dark Knight” star’s death unless she receives immunity from prosecution.

“Everyone has been very eager to help, saying what a great guy Heath Ledger was, everyone except Mary-Kate, who has refused to speak,” a source tells the Post. (Those who have been interviewed allegedly include his former fiancée and baby-mama Michelle Williams, whom another source describes as “extremely nice and cooperative.”)

According to the paper, the mix of pills that felled Heath included potent painkiller OxyContin, which may have been taken without a valid prescription. Investigators “are trying to ID the source of the OxyContin,” revealed one source. “Did it come from a dealer, from a friend? If he had a bottle from a friend, was it taken by someone else before police responded?”

We’re kind of wondering why this warrants a federal investigation in the first place. Can we please let Heath rest in peace and let the feds focus on more pressing problems?

Forever his girl?

Has unlucky-in-love Paula Abdul finally found a guy who’ll stick around? After splitting with restaurateur J.T. Torregiani, the “American Idol” judge was spotted catching a movie with him recently — sparking reconciliation buzz.

“They’re taking it slow, testing the waters,” a friend of the couple tells People. “They’ve gone on a few friendly dates.”

Now that J.T. is no longer crazy-busy with his latest eatery venture (Eva Longoria’s Beso), he “wants to date [Paula] again,” explains the pal, adding, “J.T. thinks she’s a sweetheart. They have good chemistry.”

And, interestingly enough, J.T. recently dropped out of talks to be TV’s next “Bachelor.” 

We’re crossing our fingers for you, girlfriend!

Free Britney?

Britney Spears’ conservatorship — which puts father Jamie legally in charge of her affairs — was recently extended through the end of the year. But if all goes well, TMZ reports, the pop star could resume running her own life early.

Sources tell the paparazzi site that a hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 28, and that everyone involved is hoping to dissolve the conservatorship by that time, on the advice of doctors. Although the commissioner said that Britney “reluctantly agreed that we extend” the arrangement, she is said to be OK with the October plan.

Now, the site claims, the “Gimme More” singer will be gradually transitioned toward being more self-sufficient. Why does that make us nervous?

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