Scoop! Are Jen & Vince reliving ‘Break-Up’?

Gossip hounds are barking that “The Break-Up” co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are living out the movie that brought them together.

A blabby buddy of Vaughn’s told Us Weekly that Vaughn said, “It’s not common knowledge, but we’re not together anymore. We’ve split up.”

And one of Aniston’s big-mouthed pals confirmed it, saying, “They’re 100 percent done.”

Apparently, the couple quietly ended things last month … over the phone! Aniston was supposed to fly to London to visit Vaughn, where he is filming “Joe Claus.” Instead, Vaughncalled the former Mrs. Brad Pitt and told her not to bother. What a class act, right?

“Vince eventually saw how needy she is, and it scared him off,” a source said.

And now, after two very public failed relationships, Aniston isn’t taking it very well.

“She was over Brad for a long time, but now she is really starting to feel bad about herself,” a friend of Aniston’s said. “She feels like she is living in the shadow of her ex and that she is seen as the ‘failed rebound girl.’”

Brody and Bag o’ Bones are through

Speaking of riding the train to Lonelytown, after two months, it’s over between Brody Jenner and Skeletor, err, Nicole Richie.

But, according to the wafer-thin one, she and Jenner were not in a relationship to begin with.

“I know there are rumors regarding my ‘breakup’ with Brody Jenner. The truth is, we were never really together,” Richie wrote on her page. “We hung out, and he’s a nice guy, but my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity.”

The hits JUST keep on coming

Thankfully, details are coming out about the celebrity boxing match between Paris Hilton and Shanna Moakler at Hyde nightclub early Wednesday morning.

Moakler, whose estranged husband, former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, was filmed making out with Hilton just a few weeks ago, claims she didn’t hit the reality-show-star-turned-“singer.”

“I absolutely did not punch Paris Hilton,” the “Dancing with the Stars” reject told “Extra” Wednesday night.

Sorry, Shanna, but witnesses disagree.

“Shanna was screaming at Paris and then walked over to Paris’ table and — BAM — she hit Paris in the face,” an observer told the New York Daily News. “Paris, from what I saw, sort of defended herself.”

But Moakler’s spokeswoman is claiming that Moakler and Hilton got into a verbal sparring match and it was Hilton’s date, Stavros Niarchos, who got physical.

“Shanna exchanged words with Paris. Stavros entered and said he was going to ‘hit’ and ‘beat’ Shanna. Shanna replied, ‘You’re going to hit me? I’m a woman.’ Stavros then shoved her downstairs, twisted her wrists behind her back and poured a drink on her,” Moakler’s rep Susan Madore charged.

Both “ladies” filed police reports alleging battery, but a Los Angeles police department official says, “There were no visible injuries on either party.”

But in what can only be described as an act of karma, Barker broke his right arm while shooting a music video on Thursday.

Kim & Alec go a courtin’

Speaking of legal woes, Kim Basinger will be heading to court after the Oscar-winning actress disregarded the court’s orders involving ex-husband Alec Baldwin’s visitation rights with their 10-year-old daughter, Ireland.

Apparently, if Basinger left town to work, she was supposed to hand Ireland over to Baldwin so he could take care of her. She didn’t.

Now, Basinger faces 12 misdemeanor counts of criminal contempt, which could lead to 60 days in jail and a $12,000 fine if convicted.

“The charges are outrageous and my client is not guilty,” Basinger’s lawyer, Neal Hersh, told People magazine. “She will be vindicated. It is a sad state of affairs when a father wants to imprison his daughter’s mother and that they can’t work things out among themselves.”

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