Scoop! Anna Nicole ousted from island hideaway

Anna Nicole Smith got an unhappy birthday present from an ex — an eviction notice.

The beleaguered model and reality star, who turned 39 on Tuesday, was ordered to vacate the Bahamas house where she has been holed up for the past several months.

Anna Nicole says the property was given to her by onetime paramour G. Ben Thompson. (Hmm … she married multimillionaire J. Howard Marshall and is currently with attorney Howard K. Stern … does she have a thing for guys with initials?) Thompson insists he was just letting Anna Nicole use the house and remains the rightful owner.

Evidently, the authorities agree. Thompson just got a court order requiring Anna Nicole to leave the house or be forcibly removed.

This legal battle is the latest in a long series of woes for Anna Nicole, coming on the heels of a police investigation into the sudden death of her son, Daniel, and the still-in-progress paternity battle with yet another ex, Larry Birkhead, over her newborn daughter Dannielynn. Who can blame the woman for wanting to remain on permanent vacation in the Bahamas?

Britney’s Ex Dishes

Another day, another wave of embarrassing news for Britney Spears. And we had such high hopes for a post-divorce comeback! As the newly single pop princess continues her nonstop party spree, her first ex-husband, Jason Alexander, continues to milk his 15 minutes of fame, this time peddling a tell-all book that offers the public a private peek into Britney’s life — and bedroom.

“It’s about the marriage, my friendship with Britney and all the lines in between,” Alexander, who was married to the star for 55 hours, told the U.K.’s Sun of his book. “It does feature our sex life. It does feature having sex with herand what that was like.”

Among Alexander’s other kiss-and-tell revelations are that Britney “found other girls attractive,” although “we never did anything about it. … We just weren’t together long enough for that to come up, really.” No kidding.

As if that weren’t enough personal information to share, Alexander also alleges that Britney “had a tummy tuck after the birth of her second child.” True or not, that’s probably not what she wants the world to think of her new bod.

At least Britney is working on one of her image problems: She went on a $3,000 shopping spree at swanky boutique La Bra Lingerie, reports Web site TMZ. Good call, Brit! Hopefully, we won’t have to worry about any underwear-free sightings for a while.

Nicole’s Stylist Dis

Nicole Richie unleashed a verbal attack on her former stylist, Rachel Zoe, on her MySpace page, then apparently thought better of it and retracted the message.

The two women have been engaged in a public war of words since ending their longtime professional relationship. Nicole took the first jab at Rachel by letting it be known that she had fired her stylist because she wanted to be around “positive people and influences.” In turn, Rachel publicly insisted that parting with her client was “a mutual decision,” but retaliated by seeding rumors that it was Nicole’s unhealthy lifestyle that prompted their separation.

The latest volley: Nicole posted a barely veiled MySpace “blind item” about a “35-year-old raisin face” who “whispers her order of three pieces of asparagus for dinner at Chateau every night, and hides her deathly disorder by pointing the finger at me.” The message was removed soon afterward.

Luckily, it sounds like Nicole herself is not just pointing fingers but working on her own body issues. Treatment to deal with being underweight has helped Nicole put on “at least five pounds,”a source told People magazine. Let’s hope she reaches a healthy weight soon and feels great about herself when she gets there.

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