Scoop! Angelina: Falling for Brad a ‘surprise’

The world may have blamed Angelina Jolie for breaking up Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston, but the Oscar-winning actress tells a different story. When they met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Angelina insisted to Vogue magazine, “I think we were the last two people who were looking for a relationship. Icertainly wasn’t. I was quite content to be a single mom.”

The on-set bond she developed with Brad was “not as exciting as what a lot of people would like to believe,” Angelina maintains. (Whatever. When these two go to the grocery store, it’s exciting.) “We spent a lot of time contemplating and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted very, very similar things.”

Even after realizing they were meant for each other, star-crossed Brad and Angie “remained very, very good friends … for a long time. And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do.”

As for Jen, they’ve only ever had a meet-and-greet, but the always fearless Angie is open to a sit-down with her partner’s ex: “That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.”

Sienna Seeks Help

Actress Sienna Miller says she booked an appointment with a therapist after then-fiancé Jude Law was publicly revealed to be having an affair with his children’s nanny. “There were times when I felt it was all too much. I needed to talk to someone about it,” Sienna confided to Britain’s Daily Mail.

But the treatment, well, didn’t

take. “She asked a particularly difficult question and I began hurling insults,” Sienna confesses. “It ended with me calling her a cow.” (Some unsolicited advice from a non-professional? Perhaps an anger management specialist would be right for you, Sienna.)

But the outspoken star has a demure side as well. In the upcoming “Factory Girl,” she plays 1960s scene queen Edie Sedgwick, and seeing herself in the film’s explicit love scenes made Sienna squirm. “We wanted to make it realistic,” Sienna told the Mirror, “and I watched it thinking ‘Oh, my God, my dad’s going to see it!’” But she was willing to endure the discomfort for the sake of realism. After all, “There’snothing worse than seeing a sex scene where someone’s got a

T-shirt on.”

Nicole: Female Problems?

Call it the Aunt Flo defense: Nicole Richie has justified the Vicodin use that led to her DUI arrest as motivated by menstrual cramps, Us Weekly reports. After officers pulled her over for driving in the wrong direction early Monday, Richie told them she had smoked marijuana and taken the prescription painkiller. Now Nicole is reportedly insisting that she uses Vicodin only once a month to treat period pain, and has not relapsed into substance abuse. “She has come a long way from her heroin days,” a friend told the magazine. (No word on whether or how she defended the pot smoking.)

The “Simple Life” star is handling the legal sitch maturely, her lawyer said in a statement: “This is a difficult time for Nicole, but she is prepared to accept whatever responsibility is appropriate. She intends to continue with her career and will deal with any other issues that need to be addressed.”

At least Nicole has someone to lean on through her ordeal: new boyfriend Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, who seems to have wasted no time moving on from Hilary Duff. The day after her arrest, Nicole was caught by cameras leaving Joel’s Glendale house. She then spent the day on the set of Good Charlotte’s new video. Is this traumatic experience bringing the brand-new couple closer?

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