Penelope and Josh: Moving On?

Despite taking a recent romantic vacation together in Turks and Caicos, Penelope Cruz and Josh Hartnett don’t exactly seem to be a committed couple. The New York Post reports that back in NYC, Josh has been seen out and about with supermodel Helena Christensen, while Penelope is following rocker Lenny Kravitz on tour. Penelope’s rep refused to comment.

K-Fed talks ‘trash’ about Britney’s man

Britney Spears’ friends have reportedly been warning her that the new man she met at Promises, rocker Howie Day, is bad news — but his reputation just makes the recovering diva want him more.

Howie’s checkered past includes an arrest for locking a woman in a bathroom when she rejected his advances. And the singer’s friends are allegedly desperate to convince her that he’s trouble.

“People have told Britney point-blank this guy has a permanent bar stool in the Loser Lounge,” a Brit pal reportedly confided to Star magazine (as relayed by MSNBC). “I was with her when one of her most trusted girlfriends told her, ‘You cannot let this guy into your life — after he gets a little publicity, he will be gone.’ But when people say stuff like that, it’s music to Britney’s ears. She likes the drama.”

Even Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline has a low opinion of Howie. An insider reportedly recalled to Star, “When Kevin heard they had a sleepover at her house … he lit up a cigarette and said he guessed you have to head to the dump to find trash, referring to how Britney and Howie met while in rehab.”

Glass houses, K-Fed, glass houses.

Angie’s Meltdown

Paparazzi magnet Angelina Jolie has been pushed to the breaking point. The actress reportedly snapped when a prying shutterbuginvaded her privacy, according to a new story in Us magazine.

Currently in Prague to shoot the thriller “Wanted,” Angie — along with partner Brad Pitt and their four children — is renting a three-story house that the couple had enclosed by privacy-guarding bamboo screens. But a lifted shade allowed the lensman to catch the Oscar winner on camera as she bathed the kids. Understandably, she was appalled by the intrusion.

“She was livid,” an insider relayed to the tabloid. “Angelina felt so sick and so violated, she was shouting and crying and shaking.”

We say if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Brangelina should let the cameras in for a reality show. Maybe then we’d get sick of them, and the press would finally leave them alone.

Bridal Brittany

Meanwhile, some celebs seem to have no trouble keeping their private life under wraps. In fact, “8 Mile” actress Brittany Murphy managed to get married in secret weeks ago.

The “Just Married” star and screenwriter-producer hubby Simon Monjack were outed as newlyweds at the Kentucky Derby, where both were seen wearing wedding rings.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Brittany’s rep has confirmed the report, saying the couple “were married at their home in Los Angeles several weeks ago in a very intimate ceremony. It was officiated by a rabbi, and they were surrounded by their families.”

Along with her wedding ring, the bride reportedly received a Neil Lane cocktail ring as a wedding gift from her groom.

We’ll refrain from mentioning Brittany’s track record with men and simply wish the happy couple congratulations.

Kiss Dismissed

Cameron Diaz says the hug and kiss she exchanged with her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake at a “Shrek the Third” press event Sunday was “not a big deal.”

The couple have remainedamicable since their January split, so running into each other on the red carpet causes neither trauma nor drama, the actress insists. “We’re friends, so it’s OK,” Cameron explained on the “Today” show Wednesday. “It’s not something you really worry about.”

“I think what you want is for the person that you care about to be happy,” Cam continued. “I think we both are, so it’s easy for us to see each other … even under the microscope of the world.”

“There’s just nothing big about it,” she concluded. “It’s not a big deal.”

Sure, we believe Cameron. It’s not like she’s an actress or anything.

Five Quick Takes

– Sunday in L.A., Kevin Costner’s wife, Christine Baumgartner, gave birth to son Cayden.

Helen Mirren declined a dinner invitation to Buckingham Palace due to a schedule conflict.

George Michael pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of drugs Tuesday in London.

Eva Longoria flew to Paris on Monday to check out possible locations for her July wedding.

– R&B crooner Usher has fired his mother as his manager but denies his fiancée will replace her.

Happy Birthday for May 10

» Actor-comedian Kenan Thompson (“SNL”) is 29.

» Rapper Craig Mack is 34.

» Actor Erik Palladino (“Over There”) is 39.

» Rapper Young MC is 40.

» Supermodel Linda Evangelista is 42.

» U2 frontman and humanitarian Bono is 47.

» Singer-songwriter Donovan is 61.

» Musician Dave Mason of Traffic is 61.

Say What?

“I think it’s the best decision for the show. One of the things Alexis [Bledel] and I wished could be different was the schedule, and it really can’t be. … [But] I did say to my agent, ‘Wait, do I have to fly coach now?’ That’s the one thing I really don’t want to do.”

Lauren Graham on ending “Gilmore Girls,” to Newsweek

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