Paris No Longer Appealing

Yes, Paris Hilton has dropped her appeal in her DUI case. (Wait, what did you think we meant?) Evidently, the sympathy-milking heirhead’s lawyers convinced her that getting her prison sentence reduced from 45 to 23 days, plus being sequestered in special digs, was as good a deal as she could score — so she’ll go behind bars.

Britney gets caught in lip-sync snafu

Call it Britney Spears’ Ashlee Simpson moment. The pop princess’ tour of comeback mini-concerts very publicly hit a snag when her vocal track skipped — leaving the lip-syncing diva scrambling to cover for the flub.

While, ahem, performing on Saturday at Orlando’s House of Blues, the recently rehabbed “Toxic” singer was caught off guard when her song “Do Something” started to skip.

“Britney looked horrified when the CD started skipping and turned her back to the audience,” a witness reportedly told the U.K.’s Sun. “She tried to carry on but some of the crowd started booing. Eventually, the track became unstuck and Britney carried on like a pro.”

The enterprising star reportedly came up with a so-crazy-it-just-might-work solution — opting to belt the song live.

What we want to know is why it took technical difficulties to get Britney to actually sing!

John Moves On?

News of his split with Jessica Simpson just broke, but apparently John Mayer is already enjoying the single life. The singer-songwriter was seen at NYC hot spot Stereo on Thursday night “hitting on every super-skinny girl there,” a witness told the New York Daily News, “and only the really skinny ones.” No doubt his curvaceous ex will be thrilled to hear that.

Yet John — who, for the record, exited the club solo — may not be totally over Jess yet. Though a Daily News source explains that the tensions between the two arose over issues such as their extended separations (during which an L.A.-based model was rumored to be keeping John company) and Jess’ provocative style of dress, don’t count the couple out.

The source asserts, “They’ve broken up about a dozen times this year, and they’ve always come back together. They’re adorable together.”

Is John looking for a reunion — or a rebound romance? Place your bets now!

New Couple Alert?

Two genetically blessed alums of hit TV series are reportedly heading for a hookup. “Sex and the City” hottie Jason Lewis was macking on “That ’70s Show” beauty Laura Prepon at the Kentucky Derby this month, Star magazine says.

“The pair went to all the parties together and exchanged digits at the end of the first event,” a source dishes to the tabloid’s Web site. “Although I didn’t see the two lock lips, they were very cozy and whispered into each others’ ears when they spoke.”

A witness at one party saw them “dancing and having a great time together.”

Jason, 35, split with “Grindhouse” actress Rosario Dawson late last year, while “October Road” actress Laura, 27, recently ended her relationship of several years with “Malcolm in the Middle” star Christopher Masterson (brother of her former co-star Danny).

This couple would be super-cute together. Hope it works out!

Urban Soul?

Did Keith Urban meet Nicole Kidman in a previous life? The country rocker claims that when he first crossed paths with his future wife in 2005, he felt a “mystic” connection with her.

“There was a familiarity to her, of course, but it had nothing to do with who she is professionally,” the Aussie star explains to the U.K. Sunday Times. “You know, it was a different kind of familiarity, a mystic familiarity.” Deep, dude.

But discovering his soulmate came with challenges. Being catapulted into the A-list by his relationship with the Oscar winner, Keith recalls, “was an awakening! Nothing prepares you for that. But when you meet somebody and you fall in love, then you do what it takes to stay together.”

His relationship with Nicole has transformed him “in every way,” Keith says. “I am more selfless and I am learning so much about myself from loving her. I am more comfortable with who I am because at the core I’m happy. It’s a beautiful journey.”

If the music thing doesn’t work out, Keith should really consider writing a self-help book.

Five Quick Takes

– Killers singer Brandon Flowers had to temporarily pause the band’s U.S. tour due to bronchitis.

Amy Fisher says she’s now dating former flame Joey Buttafuoco, whose then-wife she infamously shot.

Michael Jackson dropped a restraining order to halt an auction of 20,000 of his belongings.

– Friday, Amy Lee announced a new guitarist and drummer to replace departed Evanescence members.

Mary-Louise Parker and “Weeds” co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan have reportedly split after five months.

Happy Birthday for May 22

» Olympian and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Apolo Ohno is 25.

» Designer Bobby Trendy is 28.

» Actress Ginnifer Goodwin (“Big Love”) is 29.

» Rapper Jadakiss is 32.

» Actress A.J. Langer (“My So-Called Life”) is 33.

» R&B singer Donell Jones is 34.

» Actress Alison Eastwood is 35.

» Supermodel Naomi Campbell is 37.

» Actress Brooke Smith is 40.

» R&B singer Johnny Gill is 41.

» Singer-songwriter Morrissey is 48.

» Songwriter Bernie Taupin is 57.

» Actress Barbara Parkins (“Peyton Place”) is 65.

» Actor-director Richard Benjamin is 69.

Say What?

“I’ve always planned to adopt anyway, but that definitely reinforced my want to. I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children. [It] doesn’t seem like any fun. I don’t think it’s necessary to go through all of that.”

Katherine Heigl, on filming the birthing scene in “Knocked Up,” to USA Today

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