Paris Appeals to Ahnuld

Paris Hilton is actually turning to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for help squirming out of her 45-day jail sentence. The heirhead, who is appealing the case, linked from her MySpace page to a petition that says she “provides hope for young people all over … the world” and implores the Governator to pardon her. Puh-leeze!

Madonna may be on brink of divorce

According to a new report in a U.K. tabloid, Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie is hanging by a thread, with the couple making a last-ditch effort to salvage things through counseling. One source tells News of the World, “They’re in total meltdown and row nonstop whenever they see each other.”

Madonna’s plan for a second adoption is allegedly a major issue for Guy. The backlash when they brought baby David home from Malawi strained their marriage, so “when she mentioned doing it all again, he went ballistic,” one friend says.

Another Guy pal describes his resentment at living in a superstar’s shadow. “Guy is a big talent in his own right, but worries he is turning into Mr. Madonna,” confides the insider. “His career hasn’t exactly blossomed since Madge came on the scene.”

True that. But considering the British press likes to break up Madonna and Guy about as often as the U.S. tabloids break up Brangelina, we’re not believing this story until papers are filed.

Angie: Audi?

Speaking of which: This week, it’s Life & Style that has declared Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt kaput. The tabloid claims the Oscar-winning actress announced to a friend, “It’s over. It wasn’t meant to be.”

The mag says that Angie’s solo trip to the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, to promote her new film “A Place in Time,” opened her eyes to how much she enjoys being in a Brad-free zone. Another Angie pal reportedly revealed to L&S, “The whole time Angie was away from Brad, she felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. She told me, ‘I’m looking forward to having that freedom.’”

While Papa Pitt cared for their four children back at home in Los Angeles, his significant other allegedly flirted up a storm — even, as Scoop! recently reported, giving rumored ex Olivier Martinez a lap dance.

Hmmm. … See above item re: taking this tale with a grain of salt.

Hoff: Cut Off

At a Monday hearing in L.A., David Hasselhoff’s visitation rights to his two daughters were cut off until May 21, when a follow-up hearing is set. In the meantime, he may still talk with the girls on the phone.

Estranged wife Pamela Bach had filed an emergency order to keep David from seeing Taylor Ann, 16, and Hayley, 14, after a videotape shot by Taylor Ann surfaced showing the former “Baywatch” star apparently stinking drunk. After the incident, David admitted to being a recovering alcoholic who had a brief relapse.

“This videotape changes the landscape, it just does,” Judge Mark Juhas avowed.

According to People magazine, Pamela’s celebrity lawyer, Debra Opri, wants David ordered into rehab as a precondition for seeing his children.

Love and the City

Monday, actor Nick Cannon got engaged to his girlfriend of three months, Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks, with a pretty grand gesture — his proposal was broadcast ona giant screen in Times Square.

The couple had just left a gala at the Met Costume Institute when a chauffeured Rolls-Royce whisked them to the iconic NYC location. There, MTV’s Jumbotron displayed the words “Selita, will you marry me?” as Nick dropped to one knee and presented the beauty with a 12-carat canary yellow diamond ring. (Dreamy sigh ….)

The newly betrothed duo after-partied at nightclub Butter, where they met Selita’s family and friends, who had been secretly flown in by the future groom. Well played, Nick!

“I feel great!” he gushed to Us magazine’s Web site at the party. “It all went off as good as planned. I am so happy!”

Selita chimed in: “I have been smiling so much my cheeks hurt. The ring is so beautiful. I was so surprised.”

It’s nice to know some guys still know how to do romance right. Congratulations to the happy couple.

Five Quick Takes

Julio Iglesias and fiancée Miranda Rijnsburger welcomed their fifth child (his eighth) Saturday.

– Rocker Pete Doherty was held overnight Saturday by police in London for alleged drug possession.

Neve Campbell wed actor John Light on Saturday in a “small ceremony in Malibu,” per her rep.

– Boxer Oscar De La Hoya and wife Millie Corretjer expect a child (his fourth, her second).

Janet Jackson is set to star in Tyler Perry’s new movie.

Happy Birthday for May 9

» Actress Rachel Boston (“American Dreams”) is 25.

» Rocker Andrew W.K. is 28.

» Musician Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) is 28.

» “Trading Spaces” carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor is 31.

» Rapper Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang Clan) is 37.

» Depeche Mode frontman David Gahan is 45.

» Musician Billy Joel is 58.

» Actress Candice Bergen is 61.

» TV producer James L. Brooks is 67.

» Actor Albert Finney is 71.

» Actress Glenda Jackson is 71.

» TV journalist Mike Wallace is 89.

» Actress Rosario Dawson is 28.

Say What?

“Well, I don’t find trashy sexy, so I will try to take the comparison as a compliment. I think it’s sexy to be a little bit mysterious.”

Chloe Sevigny, after being called “sexier than Paris Hilton” by a reporter

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