Noah Brodsky, left, and Ryan Lynch are playing Dominant Legs’ catchy pop songs again. (Courtesy Wil Deny)

Now a duo, Dominant Legs steps forward

In 2010, San Francisco’s indie music scene was the envy of any city in the country, and Dominant Legs was among the most buzzworthy bands. Its infectious, 1980s-infused pop sound garnered praise from several national music blogs and critics liked its 2011 debut album, “Invitation.”

Two years later, Dominant Legs founder and chief songwriter Ryan Lynch posted on Twitter that that five-member group was disbanding and he was leaving the area. The surprise notice left the group’s followers speculating (some wildly).

“We never really made a formal announcement about the future of the band, so I’m figuring a lot of people didn’t really know what happened. I saw an article on a local blog where someone mentioned that they saw me walking on the street and said, ‘Well, at least we know he’s not dead.’ That was a little strange to read,” says Lynch, who also played with local bands like Girls and Magic Bullets.

Happily, Lynch is still very much alive, and Dominant Legs is appearing next week at the Knockout in The City in its second live performance in three years. The show will feature new material Lynch recorded during the band’s hiatus.

Lynch says he struggled to meet the needs of five band members — including Hannah Hunt, the title subject of a famous Vampire Weekend song — so brought back Dominant Legs as a twosome: himself and drummer Noah Brodsky.

Both grew up in the Peninsula and played in punk rock bands as teens. Despite their more aggressive musical background, Lynch says they will continue to maintain Dominant Legs’ tradition playing crisp, clean songs with Nile Rodgers-inspired guitar.

“Dominant Legs is essentially an outlet for all my ‘80s-inspired leanings,” says Lynch, who recently moved back to San Francisco. “A lot of people have bands like this, but it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek for them. For me, growing up in the 80s, I always felt like those songs offered real emotions, and they never seemed cheesy to me. I can’t help but be honest with this music.”

Lynch hopes the Knockout show will be followed by more performances. He and Brodsky, who are working on material for a future Dominant Legs album, are taking things as they come and appreciating the opportunity to begin anew.

“We’re starting fresh with this one show and we’re going to see how it goes,” says Lynch. “We don’t really have a schedule for things right now. I know we’re carrying the Dominant Legs name, but we’re approaching this process as if nothing had ever happened with the band before, which is actually pretty exciting.”

Dominant Legs
with Air Surgeon, Tiaras
Where: Knockout, 3223 Mission St., S.F.
When: 9 p.m. Aug. 5
Tickets: $7
Contact: (415) 550-6994,

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