Nonprofit giving away prom dresses

Quinn Donnelly, president of the Princess Project’s board of directors is helping the Bay Area nonprofit provide free prom dresses to girls who otherwise could not afford them. The dress giveaway will take place at 901 Market St. on Saturday and March 27, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

How does a high school girl get a dress?

Any high school-aged girl can come to the giveaway with a valid student ID. There is no need to provide proof of income; we just need a valid high school ID for this year.

How did the Princess Project get started?

The two founders were working at a youth leadership conference and asked one of the girls if she was going to be able to go; she said no because she didn’t have a dress. After that conference, the founders sent out e-mails because she couldn’t be the only girl who needs a dress, especially when there are so many just sitting in the back of a closet. After only a few e-mails, they received more than 100 dresses.

What is the best part of your job?

[Some girls] will try on six dresses, and the first one that fits them well, they’ll start wearing around the store and they look so confident. Those are the moments this is all about.

How do you get the dresses?

We do community drives in February where people can bring dry-cleaned and slightly used prom dresses. [Other dresses] we order in bulk so there is a variety of sizes and styles to choose from.

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