Nelly's tour bus busted for drug possession in Sierra Blanca, Texas

Sierra Blanca, Texas, was named for a nearby mountain once covered in white poppies.

That’s ironic, because this tiny, 510-person town hosts the infamous border drug check-point that has taken down the tour buses of Fiona Apple, Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg. Just last Wednesday, agents there raided Nelly’s bus and found 10 pounds of pot, 36 baggies of heroin and a gun (his bodyguard is taking the rap).

It’s not just drug-sniffing dogs that do the job: Sierra Blanca sheriff’s deputy reserve Steven Seagal (yes, that Steve Seagal) even shows up a few times a month to whoop some druggie/illegal alien butt.

So, why don’t musicians literally steer clear of this Border Patrol Bermuda Triangle? Time is money, and taking a different route can tack on an extra two hours. However, being thrown in jail can also be, um, disruptive.
Chuck Berry was right: Get your kicks on Route 66, not I-10.

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Wyclef Jean has shut down his Haiti charity, Yéle, after allegations of impropriety.

“If I had depended on Yéle,” orphanage head Diaoly Estimé told The New York Times, “these kids would all be dead by now.” Yikes.

Creditors have been hounding the organization, which reportedly collected more than $15 million in donations after the devastating earthquake yet somehow never completed projects or paid debts.

A lavish $600,000 compound was built for the organization, and much of the other quake-donated cash allegedly went to exorbitant salaries, travel and consultant fees. Some $37,000 even went to fund Jean’s recording studio in Manhattan. Classy.


If you’ve been wondering how Scott Baio is taking the news about his old “Joanie Loves Chachi” co-star Erin Moran’s alleged skid-row bum status, he told Fox that he has a “wife and child to take care of. … I’ve got my own situation to deal with.” In other words, Chachi doesn’t seem to care about Joanie. Or, being a proud member of the GOP, maybe he just believes in personal responsibility. While promoting his new show on Nick at Nite, Baio told Fox that he attended President Ronald Reagan’s funeral, and when asked if he thinks Mitt Romney will win the election, he replied, “Sure I do.”

Got scoops or Bay Area celebrity sightings?


  • Journey’s Neal Schon is engaged to Michaele Salahi.     
  • Kanye West went berserk after a photographer asked him about Kim Kardashian’s ex, Reggie Bush.
  • President Barack Obama says he is “confident” rumored feuders Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey can “sort it out.”
  • Susan Sarandon has revealed a “disgusting” casting couch assault that occurred when she was younger.
  • Brad Pitt has made his debut as a Chanel No. 5 pitchman.
Deep in the heart of Texas: Niners corral Cowboys, 23-17

San Francisco holds off late charge. Packers up next

Niners fans from Texas? Apparently it’s a thing

Rooting for San Francisco isn’t easy when you live in the Lone Star state, but many do