Natasha Kmeto brings soul to electronic music

Futuristic soul singer and electronic music producer Natasha Kmeto will perform her first headlining gig in San Francisco at Public Works on Sunday.

The show — which also features Insightful, Joe Mousepad and Manitous & Swoonz — is a prelude to Kmeto’s Feb. 19 release of the EP “Dirty Mind Melt” on Dropping Gems, as well as a major LP planned for May.

Kmeto’s prior visits to San Francisco include playing the “Low End Theory” party at 1015 Folsom and Public Works, the Mission’s hippest dance warehouse, but she’s never headlined in The City.

“I’m stoked to come back,” says the Portland, Ore.-based artist, who was raised in Sacramento and misses the Bay Area. “I grew up in Northern California and I was in The City almost every weekend.”

Kmeto is on a four-date micro-tour this winter, hitting Vail, Colo., and Denver, as well as Santa Monica and San Francisco in the run-up to the “Dirty Mind Melt” release and pending LP.

“I was eager to get back out there and get things rolling in anticipation of the release. I love to play live,” she says.

A roadie’s dream, Kmeto’s live setup consists of little more than a laptop, microphone and Akai Midi controller.

She’s not even bringing her usual synthesizer along this time. It saves money, and it’s less of a hassle when flying.

Kmeto samples, mixes and cuts up her voice live, and layers it atop her own beats. Audiences will get a taste of “Dirty Mind Melt,” which she says is more dancey and instrumental than past songs: “It kind of just grew out of the material that I’ve been playing out live. I’ve decided to start playing a more dance-floor-friendly set. They’re definitely leaning more toward electronic music, as opposed to the more sort of hip-hop I’ve done before.”

With material more engaging than a typical house music set, Kmeto is prepared to give clubgoers whatever they want on Sunday.

“I can take my set wherever I feel like the crowd wants to go. If they’re feeling more of the performance aspect and just want to watch, I can have it be more of a concert. If they want to dance I can throw down beats and we can dance,” she says.

Natasha Kmeto

  • Where: Public Works, 161 Erie St., S.F.
  • When: 8 p.m. Sunday
  • Tickets: $5
  • Contact:
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