Moby captures images of the night

Alt-rock kingpin Moby has built an incredible music career. But he has another side that fans might not know about — he’s also a quite visionary photographer, believe it or not. And ever since he received his first Nikon F camera at age nine, he’s been dutifully documenting the world around him.

On May 17, he’s simultaneously releasing “Destroyed” — a 15-track album of atmospheric new material and a 128-page book of 55 of his best snapshots. The record will be available on CD, vinyl and digital formats, and according to its composer, it was written late at night in hotel rooms around the world — giving it a decidedly nocturnal feel — and tracked on vintage analog equipment, including a 1972 Neve mixing desk from Abbey Road.

Moby’s pictures mirror the road-inspired songs — they were also composed while touring the globe, and feature intriguing insights into airports, dressing rooms, and, of course, hotel rooms the man has passed through.

New York’s Clic Gallery will be launching the book with an official “Destroyed” art opening on May 11. And Moby — who will also be appearing at this year’s South By Southwest Festival, and DJing at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival on March 27 — is already offering a free “Destroyed” EP via his website,

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