Mastodon returns this fall with ‘The Hunter’

There are many ways to currently show your support for anvil-heavy prog-metal outfit Mastodon.

You can still buy two commemorative-edition Mastodon Vans at the shoe company’s website, in high top or slip-on. Or you can drop by their own site for their brand-new, sharply-designed T-shirt, “In The Teeth.” Or you could log on to Adult Swim’s Singles Program for an exclusive skullsplitter from their last “Crack The Skye” album sessions, “Deathbound,” plus an exclusive video.

Lastly, you can catch the group — who are currently touring through Europe and Russia — at The Gorge in Seattle on July 30, appearing alongside Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age and The Meat Puppets.

Is all of this leading somewhere? Of course.

Mastodon is returning this fall with a new album called “The Hunter,” and they’ve listed six new tracks that they’ve completed with Mike Elizondo in their native Atlanta and Los Angeles: “Blasteroids,” “Stargasm,” “Curl Of The Burl,” “Dry Bone Valley,” “All The Heavy Lifting” and “The Octopus Has No Friends.” The titles alone should blow your mind. But you’ll be hearing them in concert soon enough — stay tuned here for more.

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