Lindsey Stirling prepared well for the holiday season

Violinist, band quarantined in July to create yuletide show


In her native Los Angeles, versatile violinist Lindsey Stirling has gotten accustomed to hearing yuletide sleigh bells in her head during ice-cream-truck season. She can’t help it. For the past several years, Christmas has kicked off in summer, whether she rehearsed her winter tour or recorded seasonal delights like her 2017 hit album “Warmer in the Winter.” She has a new digital single with Darius Rucker, “What Child is This,” and, in this decidedly unusual year, she conceived and filmed “Lindsey Stirling: Home For the Holidays,” streaming Saturday. It wasn’t easy, trying to conjure up a “Frosty the Snowman” feeling in blistering-hot Las Vegas, where she pieced the show together and is currently residing. But she’s pretty sure she nailed it.

Christmas arrived early for you again in 2020, too, even during this creepy pandemic?

Yeah. July was when I got the Christmas bug this year, because I became very aware that this annual holiday tour wasn’t going to happen, and I was like, “Noooo! I really need this!” I’m so close to my tour crew and my dancers, and some of the people I tour with have been with me for eight years or more; they’re like family to me. When I was checking in on them, it was so obvious to me that everybody was just wanting to do what they normally do — be on tour and create music in the way they were used to. And I was craving to be creative, as well, and I had a feeling that, come Christmas, we were all going need something to look forward to. So I decided to put together this Christmas show, and I worked really tirelessly and hard on it for two months to miraculously bring it all together. And I am so proud of what we’ve done.

Did you fly everyone in to Vegas?

There are all kinds of ways to go about it, and to figure out the best way to be COVID-safe. So what we ended up doing was bringing people in, then we all got tested, and then we all quarantined together. So we just got two Airbnbs and kept everybody in there, all locked down together, and we didn’t go anywhere. We went to the stage to film, then we’d go straight back to the house, and we stayed that way for the whole week and a half of the rehearsals and the taping. We just created our own bubble. But my daily routine now is a lot of editing. I’m trying to edit this entire show, all by myself, but I’m right on track.

Have you acquired any new skills in the process?

Well, I have been working to try to do better at TikTok, because it’s definitely become a necessary evil in my life, to be honest. But there is something that I worked really hard on that I’m not going to disclose — I learned a new skill for my Christmas show, and it’s something I’ve never done before, and I would say that no one in the world has ever done it the way that I did it before. But I will give you a hint — it was inspired by Cirque du Soleil, and I worked really hard for several months just to be able to do it in my show. And it’s going to be a big surprise.

You also have a great new online series with celebrity guest stars called “String Sessions.”

“String Sessions” was a lot of fun. It was something that kept me sane at the beginning of quarantine, just to work on these arrangements and talk to — and connect with — all these different artists. It was a very cool experience and I really enjoyed it.

Epic Records recently released a beach-filmed video, “No Saving Me,” of this amazing young soul singer named Philmon Lee. And there you are, backing him on sprightly violin.

He is so talented. And that was the first time that I met him, when we filmed that music video about a month ago. I recorded the song at the beginning of lockdown after it was sent to me by Epic. They asked if I would be on it, and I was like, “Oh, my gosh, I love his voice! Why not?” I was just excited to have someone new to collaborate with and something new to work on.

Where will you be spending Christmas?

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving got canceled in the Stirling family. But I’m planning to go be with my sister on her farm in Missouri for Christmas. That’s where I spent the first three months of lockdown. Since this is the first year I won’t be on winter tour in four years, I’m really just looking forward to having some family time.


Lindsey Stirling: Home For the Holidays


When: Noon and 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12

Tickets: $23.50 (general) to $128.50 (includes meet-and-greet)

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