Kate Gosselin vows to sue ex-husband John and author of tell-all book

The detritus from “John and Kate Plus Eight” continues to fall, this time with Kate Gosselin vowing to sue ex-husband John as well as Robert Hoffman, the author of the tell-all e-book “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.”

According to RadarOnline, Kate claims that John and Hoffman co-conspired to spread defamatory gossip about her, accusing her of abusing her children, among other things. Kate says that the two got her hard drive out of the trash and then pieced together things from it — including her private journals — for fun and profit.

The e-book was pulled from Amazon just two days after its debut thanks to Kate’s lawyers. It has become readily apparent that both parents deserved each other, but those kids sure didn’t deserve those parents.

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