Justin Bieber is certainly taking the piss

Justin Bieber has had another banner week, this time peeing in a mop bucket at a restaurant and then doing the same thing metaphorically to Chicago Blackhawks fans.

Bieber and his posse can be seen on a TMZ video whooping it up in the kitchen of an unnamed New York City restaurant while our hero giggles and whizzes into the bucket. TMZ rightly rips him apart, calling him a “self-important little twit” and pointing out that some unlucky employee was going to have to clean up after him.

And in a bizarre twist at the end of the video, TMZ reports, Bieber uses a spray bottle on a photo of the 42nd president, saying, “F*** Bill Clinton.”

His second infraction isn't really that big of a deal unless you are a rabid hockey fan. J-Bib dared to lay his hands on the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup trophy, sparking outrage on Twitter, like “If I see one more picture of bieber touching the cup I might just cut my own jugular #embarrassing.” Give him a break, folks, he's an artist who wants to be taken seriously.

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