'Jersey Shore' star Snooki implicated in 2004 drunk driving death of teen classmate Michael Truncali

NowPublic News – Snooki from MTV's Jersey Shore may be a reality TV breakout star now, but in 2004 RadarOnline has learned that she was one of three teenagers criminally charged for selling alcohol to minors after a party at her house turned deadly when classmate Michael Truncali drove home drunk, crashed his car, and died.

Snooki held the party at her mother Helen Polizzi's house in 2004, and she was home during the course of the party. Michael Truncali had been drinking in the basement of the home with the other classmates before leaving and then crashed and rolled his car while driving home.

The investigation in to his death continued for several months, but Snooki and two others were eventually charged with the Prohibited Sale of Alcoholic Beverages as she apparently charged money for the alcohol.

Michael Truncali's parents, Michelle and Bill Truncali, spoke to RadarOnline and said they were horrified at how Jersey Shore glorified drinking. Michelle said that she had watched two episodes but she couldn't see any more.

Michelle and Bill want to get the message out about underage drinking and how dangerous it can be. They think that underage drinking should not be allowed in the home, even if the parents are present.

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