Jen Reacts to Angelina’s Revelation

How does Jennifer Aniston feel about Angelina Jolie’s revelation that baby Shiloh was planned? (Do the math: Jolie and Brad Pitt were trying to conceive while he was still legally married to Jen.) A friend reportedly tells Us, “Jen considered herself divorced when she and Brad were separated and couldn’t care less what happened after that.” So there.

Did Britney Spears abandon her mom?

Did Britney Spears blow off her mom on Mother’s Day? A report in the National Enquirer claims the singer is so enraged with her formerly close mother, Lynne Spears, that she didn’t visit her on Sunday.

The kicker? Lynne was sick in the hospital with pneumonia at the time.

A Britney pal reportedly told the tab, “Britney has cut off all communication with her mom. She’s gone from calling Lynne 10 times a day to flat-out refusing to speak to her.”

Reportedly, Britney recently also failed to call her mother on her birthday.

The reason for the cold shoulder: The troubled star allegedly resents being — as she sees it — forced into rehab by her mother, among other loved ones. (She and her father, Jamie Spears, recently exchanged heated words in public over her firing of manager Larry Rudolph, who had also urged Brit to seek treatment.)

The insider explains, “Britney says her mom betrayed her and she refuses to get over it. When she was told to give her mom a call, Britney said, ‘I’m busy, I have my own kids now.’” Harsh!

Rocking Out

Her recent rumored fling, Justin Timberlake, appears to have moved on to Jessica Biel … and it looks like Scarlett Johansson may be getting serious about her new man, Ryan Reynolds. First they spent a romantic weekend together in NYC last month. Then, on Monday, the couple were all over each other at a West Hollywood show by the Damnwells, People reports.

Sources said the photogenic duo greeted each other with an affectionate lip lock.

“In the foyer they were talking and had their hands all over each other,” an eyewitness told the magazine’s Web site. “He kissed her a couple more times in the club. He was totally sweet. She went to the restroom and he went to check up on her.”

The lovebirds left holding hands. Awww.

‘Office’ Romance

As much as we want Jim and Pam to end up together, we can’t help thinking John Krasinski and Rashida Jones (aka Karen) make an adorable couple on NBC’s “The Office.” So we were tickled to hear a rumor that the real-life exes (they dated a couple of years ago) recently looked as if they might be rekindling their romance.

At Monday’s “Shrek the Third” premiere in NYC, the New York Daily News reports, John (who has a voice role in the flick) and Rashida arrived separately, but sat together, looking cozy. The couple made an early exit together while the movie was still playing.

Could life be imitating art? Hope so — it would just be too cute!

Harry Stays Home

Despite his insistence that he could not stand by idly while his fellow soldiers fought the Iraq war, Prince Harry will be kept out of harm’s way. When his regiment is deployed to Basra in a few weeks, he won’t be with them.

“I have decided today that Prince Harry will not be deployed to Iraq,” the British Army chief of staff announced Wednesday.

“I’ve decided the risk to Prince Harry is too great,” he explained. “I’ve also decided that the risk he brings to his troop and his squadron … is also too great.”

Referring to insurgents targeting the 22-year-old prince, third in line to the British throne, he added, “There have been a number of specific threats, some reported and some not reported. These threats exposed him and those around him to a degree of risk I considered unacceptable.”

Will the young royal quit the military over this? Stay tuned.

Five Quick Takes

– A photographer is suing Lindsay Lohan for allegedly hitting him with her BMW in March.

– Notorious bongo player Matthew McConaughey took a lesson on the instrument Sunday.

– “Grey’s Anatomy” star Kate Walsh recently got engaged to Hollywood exec Ken Young.

Mario Lopez denied reports that he is moving in with girlfriend Karina Smirnoff.

– Chinese censors cleared Christina Aguilera to perform in Shanghai on June 26.

Happy Birthday for May 17

» Actress Nikki Reed (“Thirteen”) is 19.

» Actor Tahj Mowry (“Kim Possible”) is 21.

» NBA star Tony Parker is 25.

» Musician Andrea Corr of the Corrs is 33.

» Actor Hill Harper (“CSI:NY”) is 41.

» Musician Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is 42.

» Actor and talk show host Craig Ferguson is 45.

» Singer Enya is 46.

» Actor-comedian Bob Saget (“Full House”) is 51.

» Actor Bill Paxton is 52.

» Actor Dennis Hopper is 71.

Say What?

“I am sorry you have been sentenced to jail. I can’t think of too much that would be worse. But since you let this happen, use the next couple of weeks … looking around, realizing that you are not as truly entitled as your money implies. You are a young woman who can add more to her community than establishing new definitions for infamy.”

Candy Spelling in an open letter to Paris Hilton

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