Is Natalie Portman’s boyfriend using her?

Natalie Portman met her current boyfriend, ballet choreographer Benjamin Millepied, on the set of her dance-themed flick “Black Swan” — but their budding romance reportedly came at the expense of the other ballerinas in the film.

“They would go to do their shots and wouldn’t know any of the choreography because he was so involved with helping ‘Natalie, Natalie, Natalie’ all the time,” a so-called insider told the New York Post.

Benjamin was reportedly dating a ballerina when he met Natalie and ended up leaving her for the actress. The source speculates that the trade-in was a social-climbing move, saying, “Maybe they have a great relationship — but knowing Benjamin, I don’t think that’s how it is.”

Awfully bitter, right? We cannot help wondering if said ex-girlfriend is the “insider” in question.

Bad Romance

Oksana Grigorieva says she lived in fear of ex-boyfriend Mel Gibson after he attacked her in a rage in January — but her missives to him tell a very different story. As recently as May 2, the Russian singer wrote, in an e-mail obtained by TMZ, “Until this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again.”

As the paparazzi website points out, Oksana claims that the reason she secretly recorded conversations with her ex was that she feared him, but Mel’s lawyers say she was attempting to extort money.

Her lawyer wrote in court papers in July, “For [Oksana] to be falsely accused of engaging in illegal activity by recording rage-filled and threatening telephone calls from a man who had brutally abused her and threatened to kill her is deplorable.”

So if he did those things, why did she want him back?

Carey-ing Twins?

Did Mariah Carey accidentally let it slip that she’s expecting twins?

The Christmas-crazed singer, pregnant with her and Nick Cannon’s first child, was promoting her new holiday album on Radio Disney and confided that she sings tracks from it to her baby bump. Then she said, “I just hope that they don’t turn out hating Christmas!”

Hm — did Mimi mean “they” as in “him or her,” or did she mean “they” as in “more than one”?

Pax in Paris

When you turned 7, your birthday celebration probably involved a clown, a heated game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and maybe an ice cream cake if you were lucky. But you are (in all likelihood) not Pax Jolie-Pitt, who marked that milestone with a hot-air balloon ride and a cruise up Paris’ Seine River.

On Sunday, the day before he turned 7, the famous tot was accompanied by parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and his three oldest siblings (twins Knox and Vivienne stayed home) on a 20-minute morning ride in a tethered hot-air balloon. The celeb clan lifted off from Paris’ Parc André Citroen.

“They were like any other family,” the balloon operator told People magazine, adding that the children were “excited but well-behaved. What I think they wanted was a little moment of peace.”

That evening, the globe-trotting bunch rented a posh riverboat for a 90-minute cruise featuring a cake. A moony crew member described superdad Brad as “very, very nice and very outgoing. He played a lot with the kids.”

Le sigh!

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