Infamous eccentric Frank Chu explains the 12 galaxies

San Francisco’s most famous holder of curious signs has a sponsorship deal with online entertainment website Laughing Squid, from which he nets about $600 monthly, he said. Chu, 51, firmly believes that of approximately 785.2 trillion galaxies in the universe, exactly 12 of them are “guilty.”

Please explain about the 12 guilty galaxies. Why are they guilty? They are friends with Bill Clinton and embezzled my money from when I was a movie star.

Are there really that many galaxies? There are infinities of populations with infinities of galaxies, but I chose a general number to tell the general population about the large quantities of galaxies and populations.

Does anyone ever challenge the assertions of your signs? Most people are friendly and nice. They know me because my movies went out across several galaxies. Sometimes people tell me not to protest, but I’m protesting because I should have been paid my fees from when I was a movie star.

Besides Bill Clinton, what other U.S. presidents do you consider guilty?
Gerald Ford, George Bush and Dick Cheney. Jimmy Carter is innocent — partly. [Barack] Obama is innocent too.

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