Ex-SF Kirstie Kelly partners with Costco to sell wedding gowns

The Los Angeles-based designer and former San Francisco resident will be at Costco, 450 10th St., Wednesday through Sunday with a trunk show featuring 12 wedding gowns from her Signature line.

Wedding gowns at Costco? How did that happen? Costco wanted to build up its wedding program and they asked me if I would help them with it.

What made Costco approach you? My gowns are known for their high quality, and both Costco and I emphasize customer service.  

Can you talk about the line? There are 12 styles, geared toward all types of brides. Some are silk and satin, some have beading and crystals, others are classic and simple.

How are the prices? At $600 to $1,200, the dresses are about 40 percent of what customers would pay at a typical salon.

What’s the best way for a prospective buyer to proceed? Visit www.kirstiekelly.com/signature to look at the gowns and make an appointment.

How long has the program been going? Since February — customers love it. They get a couture gown at a price point they can afford, and love the service they receive in the salon we build inside Costco.

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