Digital breakdown: ‘Spider-Man 3’ weaves impressive web

The third film in what could be the best superhero movie franchise has things going well for Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire). He’s loved as Spider-Man in New York City, and his girlfriend Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) is starring on Broadway. But when the Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and the Green Goblin (James Franco) show up, things turn from bad to worse for Spidey, and he dons a new black costume with strange powers that corrupts him. Then, when Venom (Topher Grace) appears, things really do take off.

Director Sam Raimi packs a lot into the two-hour movie, and keeps the pace flowing. It’s an excellent follow-up to its predecessors. The wonderful DVD has audio commentary from Raimi, Maguire, Dunst, Franco and Church. There’s more audio commentary from the crew, as well as photo galleries, deleted scenes, music videos and 11 featurettes on the making of the film.

Price: $36.98.

Rent or buy: Buy.

» Twin Peaks — The Definitive Gold Box Edition

How cool is this? Creator David Lynch was given full control over this DVD set, which includes both the original U.S. and European pilots in one package, which were previously unavailable. Along with the complete 29 episodes on 10 discs, there are four great documentaries new to DVD covering the origins, production and impact of the show. There is also a new get-together with the cast and crew who sit down and drink coffee and eat sweet cherry pie in the featurette, “A Slice of Lynch.”

There’s more. Long thought gone forever, numerous deleted scenes, restored by Lynch, appear here. Other added items include rare postcards featuring the town of Twin Peaks, a slew of short comedic bits from “Saturday Night Live” and other shows, and a “Return to Twin Peaks” featurette, a hilarious fan gathering outside of Seattle.

Price: $108.99.

Rent or buy: Must buy.

» Daywatch

The international film community is delivering some of most creative offerings in the horror and fantasy genres today. Movies such as “Severance” “Shaun of the Dead” and “Nightwatch” are giving Hollywood some tough competition. “Daywatch,” the sequel to the Russian-made “Nightwatch,” is about two groups of paranormal humans — vampires, witches and shapeshifters — locked in a continual battle of the supernatural.

It's not as inventive or enjoyable as the original, but “Daywatch” makes for fun Friday night viewing.

Price: $27.98.

Rent or buy: A great rental.

» Captivity — Unrated Edition

The torture horror genre is alive and well, but that doesn’t mean everything with the label is golden — take “Captivity,” for example. It’s not really accurate to call this a torture-horror movie; the star, the lovely Elisha Cuthbert, just sits around in a cell most of the movie “acting” like things are bad. Some children’s horror DVDs are scarier than this.

While this unrated edition has a higher level of blood and frights than what was released in theaters in the R-rated version, it isn’t enough.

Price: $28.98.

Rent or buy: Rent, if that.

» My So-Called Life — The Complete Series

The series that launched Claire Danes’ career is back on DVD after a five year out-of-print absence. This set has all-new interviews with the cast and crew, commentaries, and a full-color book. It’s not worth buying if you own the series already, but good for those who don’t already have it in their collection.

Price: $69.99.

Rent or buy: Buy.

» Three Stooges Collection — Volume One (1934-1946)

Hey Moe — slap! The early works of this trio, a favorite of many males, are in this DVD set featuring 19 shorts from the first three years at Columbia. It includes the famous “Disorder in the Court” where Curly gets “sworn in” hilariously.

Price: $24.96.

Rent or buy: Buy.

Also available on DVD Tuesday: “Magnum P.I. — The Complete Seventh Season,” “Barbara Stanwyck — The Signature Collection,” “Looney Toons — Golden Collection, Volume Five,” “October Road — The Complete Series,” “Scrubs — The Complete Sixth Season,” “CSI Miami — Season Five,” “License to Wed,” “In the Land of Women,” “Talk to Me,” “The Initiation of Sarah,” “Jackie Chan’s The Myth” and “San Antonio Spurs NBA Champions: Special Edition.”

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