Digital Breakdown: No one cares ‘Who Killed Me’

Never mind the well-reported, off-the-set problems that “I Know Who Killed Me” star Lindsay Lohan experienced; the film is simply terrible. In fact, a more fitting title would be “I Know Who Killed My Time” — it’s that bad. It’s about a young woman’s encounter with a sadistic killer — who doesn’t kill her, but tortures her. Having been traumatized, she wakes up in the hospital as a different girl, one who has taken a turn for the worse. (Both are played by Lohan).

Uninventive, with symbolism that goes over like a lead balloon, and God-awful acting, this film is one to miss. The DVD includes an alternate opening and alternate ending (you think they might have wanted a different movie?), blooper reel, and for Lohan fans, an extended “dance” sequence.

Price: $26.98.

Rent or buy: Just avoid.


The holidays usually bring a number of complete-series DVD sets, but no one expected this. The DVD debut of “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” isn’t a first-season set or a best of, but the whole extravaganza in one great package. All 105 episodes from the classic NBC action spy series from the 1964 to 1968 era are collected in a cool silver attaché case.

Starring Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as American and Russian spies forced to work together to stop global threats to each nation, the show lasted four seasons before it was yanked because of low ratings. But it’s still considered one of the best of all time; it won both Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

There are also 10 hours of special features, including a great new 90-minute interview with Vaughn — his first in 20 years about the series — plus original new featurettes, home movies from the production set and the never-before aired pilot. It’s a superb DVD debut for a great TV show.

Price: $249.99.

Rent or buy: Buy.


The quirky, deadpan comedy stars Keri Russell as Jenna, an über-pie maker with an abusive husband. Stuck in a dead-end waitress job, the pregnant woman has a fling with her OB/GYN (“Firefly’s” Nathan Fillion), and wants to be fulltime pie maker. Hoping to win cash so she can break free from her husband and start her own business, she enters a pastry contest. This vibrant, amusing film filled is with gorgeous pies, some great acting and a compelling script — everything “I Know Who Killed Me” isn’t. Price: $29.99. Rent or buy: A great rental.


“Futurama” is wickedly popular. Despite getting the ax on Fox, the animated comedy has a serious, devoted fan base, happy to enjoy the fact that Matt Groening and team are releasing four new “Futurama” direct-to-DVD full-length films over the next year: “Bender’s Big Score” is the first. As nudist alien Internet scammers threaten Christmas in 3007, they get control of Bender and send him back in time to loot Earth’s greatest treasure. Along the way he meets Al Gore, Sarah Silverman and Coolio — all voiced by themselves. If you’ve been missing your favorite show since it’s been off the air, finally there’s something new available.

Price: $29.98.

Rent or buy: Buy, if a “Futurama” fan.


It never bodes well when a film’s theatrical release is delayed; when that happens two or three times, why not just nail the coffin shut and release it on DVD? That wasn’t the case with “Skinwalkers,” a film about biker werewolves on the hunt for a kid who will de-curse them. The movie bombed spectacularly upon its release; it doesn’t help that it was watered down for a PG-13 audience. It also doesn’t help to have a sketchy, paper-thin plot. But whatever, if you want to get your werewolf fix, it’s on DVD this Tuesday.

Price: $28.98.

Rent or buy: Rent, if that.

Other DVDs coming out Tuesday: “Happy Days — Season Three,” “Laverne & Shirley — Season Three,” “Mork & Mindy — Season Three,” “Paprika,” “The O.C. — The Complete Series,” “Hot Rod,” “Who’s Your Caddy,” “First Snow” and “The Namesake.”

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