Digital Breakdown: Give McConaughey, Hudson a ‘Gold’ star

Shockingly, the romantic comedy “Fool’s Gold,” starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, isn’t as trite as expected; it falls more along the lines of “Romancing the Stone” than the other Hudson-McConaughey flick, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” The actors play a divorced couple on a treasure hunt to find lost pirate’s booty in order to pay off a gangster to whom McConaughey’s character owes money. Of course, along the way, through the bickering and bantering, they find love again.

The action is preposterous, but we didn’t come to watch this film for the realism, did we? The DVD extras are just a single featurette on Hudson and McCounaughey working together and one gag reel. Price: $28.98 to $35.99 Rent or buy: Rent


“Be Kind Rewind” is a funny and sweet film about a video-store clerk and his friend who accidentally demagnetize the store’s collection of videotapes (yes, not DVDs). Instead of facing the music with their boss, they re-create all of the movies themselves. They become an instant hit; their videos are better than the originals. Jack Black and Mos Def are aptly paired as the innocent pair looking to stay out of trouble. The movie manages to avoid manufactured comedic elements that dominate so many major releases. Price: $27.98 to $35.99 Rent or buy: Rent


“Jericho,” a tale of a small town trying to survive after the United States is nuked, ended far too soon. Creating a third season is an idea that needs further consideration.

The second season is different from the first; it focuses on the conspiracy of why and how the nuclear bombs went off in our country, rather than survival. This set has seven episodes from the second season, an alternative ending to the series finale, deleted scenes, audio commentaries and two cool featurettes: “Nut Job,” on how the fans made the difference in bringing the show back to CBS; and “Rebuilding Jericho,” about how CBS made that happen. Price: $29.99 Rent or buy: Buy


After receiving his “burn notice” and getting fired as a spy, Michael Western tries to figure out who uncovered his identity. Along the way, he does plenty of sleuthing and working with other blacklisted operatives. This smart series — with spies and bikini babes running around everywhere — has ample amounts of plot twists and loads of good humor. The DVD has cast and crew audio commentaries, a gag reel, audition footage and character montages. With the second season starting soon, now is the time to catch up with this impressive series.

Price: $49.98 Rent or buy: Buy


Writer Hank (David Duchovny), a New York transplant living in California, battles drug addiction while trying to raise his daughter and win back her mother. In an attempt to overcome writer’s block, he starts blogging and is so successful he stops working on his novel. The show reveals Duchovny as a character very different from how we’ve previously seen him. He’s self-loathing and has a foul mouth, and there are lots of sex scenes. The Showtime series is unlike anything on network TV. Now’s the time to catch up with it before the second season starts. Price: $42.99 Rent or buy: Rent

Other DVDs coming out Tuesday: “ER — The Complete Ninth Season,” “Alive or Dead,” “The Sitter,” “Carmen Miranda Collection,” “Just Add Water,” “It’s a Boy Girl Thing” and “Blood + Volume Two.”

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