Digital Breakdown: 'Georgia' doesn’t rule

If you’re looking for a chick flick in which the female characters aren’t likeable, “Georgia Rule” is definitely the ticket. Before Lindsay Lohan went off to rehab (again), she starred in this Garry Marshall-helmed film as Rachel, a wild child whose mom sends her off to get tamed by her grandmother, Georgia (Jane Fonda), in Idaho. Of course, she doesn’t accept the changes wholeheartedly and tries to corrupt a small, conservative town before she slowly softens.

If it sounds like you have heard this one before, you aren’t far off — this tired plot has been used too many times in Hollywood. With a lack of special features on the DVD, this is a rental at best.

Price: $29.98.

Rent or buy: Rent, if that.


Just when you thought you had caught up on all of your summer television-watching, a slew of titles comes out on DVD. With the fall television season gearing up, check out these great shows before their new episodes start — all are worth buying if you are a fan.

» “The Office — Season Three” continues one of the best sitcoms on television with season three possibly the best season yet. Things get complicated at the tiny paper company, as another office merges with the Stamford, Conn., location and new (as well as old) faces join the crew. Loads of Webisodes, deleted scenes and commentaries make this DVD a worthwhile purchase for anyone.

Price: $49.98

» “Prison Break — Season Two”
turns the Fox adrenaline rush on its ear and into something out of “The Fugitive” as the Fox River seven make a break for freedom, but a clever FBI agent will stop at nothing to apprehend them. Some really good featurettes, commentaries and deleted scenes will make fans happy.


» “Desperate Housewives — The Complete Third Season” finds the women of Wisteria Lane once again plunging into secrets, revenge, prior love, mistaken marriages and, of course, old flames. Lots of nice special features on the DVD, including a behind-the-scenes featurette about the season finale.


» “30 Rock — Season One”
may have begun the 2006 season with sketchy ratings, but it finished strong and outlasted numerous other terrible sitcoms that aren’t coming back. With Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin delivering the funny, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this become the next great comedy on television.


» “Robot Chicken — Season Two Uncensored”
is another great season of Seth Green’s cheaply animated, stop-motion sketch comedy show that leaves no pop culture reference unturned, and on DVD, is uncensored. The only problem is that it doesn’t include the hilarious “Star Wars” special — which will more than likely come out on its own DVD.


» “Nip/Tuck — The Complete Fourth Season”
carves up the guest stars with Larry Hagman, Alanis Morissette, Mo’Nique, Rosie O’Donnell and Brooke Shields, there are a nice handful of deleted scenes, three featurettes on the fourth season from the casting to how real plastic surgery dramas were incorporated into the show.

Price: Standard Def, $59.98; Blu-Ray, $79.98


“The Wind that Shakes the Barley” is a powerful drama conveying how ordinary Irish men were turned into terrorists and killers in the early days of the Irish Republican Army.

After a medical student played by Cillian Murphy witnesses a British atrocity, he turns his attention to getting revenge, becoming a leading and respected member of the IRA. Beautifully shot and painfully sad on many levels, the gripping film shows how so much bloodshed could have easily been avoided.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything on the DVD other than the film worth mentioning.

The story begs for historical featurettes and documentaries about real-life struggles and tragedies on the British Isle.

Price: $19.98

Rent or buy:
A great rental.

Other DVDs coming out Tuesday:
“Bosom Buddies — Season Two,” “Chill Out, Scooby-Doo,” “I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Fourth Season,” “Bobby Z,” “Resident Evil Double Feature,” “The It Crowd — Season One,” “She-Ra — The Complete Season Two,” “Wind Chill,” “City of Violence,” “Animal 2” and “Up In Smoke: High-Larious Edition.”

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