Digital Breakdown: Dismiss ‘Mr. Woodcock’

MR. WOODCOCK Billy Bob Thornton should stick to drama — he stinks at comedy. Take “Mr. Woodcock,” for example, which isn’t funny and actually is boring.

It’s about John Farley (Seann William Scott), a former overweight child turned self-help author. Mr. Woodcock (Thornton), the militant gym teacher who caused Farley to lose his self-esteem, goes on to marry John’s mother (Susan Sarandon).

Predictable, corny and contrived, the movie’s laughs are few and far between. The DVD has a handful of deleted scenes, a making-of documentary and a gym teacher featurette. Price: $28.98 to $35.99. Rent or buy: Rent, if that.

GOOD LUCK CHUCK UNRATED EDITION Dane Cook stars as Chuck, a 30-something dentist who has been cursed with bad luck when it comes to women. At the same time, he’s a good-luck charm to women who want to get hitched because his curse guarantees them happy marriages. When he meets beautiful, accident-prone Cam (Jessica Alba), a genuine romance develops, along with a chance to break the curse.

Cook’s acting isn’t fantastic, but Alba looks good and performs well. It’s a shame there isn’t more for her to work with. The unrated edition includes never-before-seen footage, some featurettes, gag reels, deleted scenes and more. Price: $29.95 to $39.99. Rent or buy: Rent.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE — THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON The sitcom starring “Seinfeld” alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to CBS at 9:30 p.m. Feb. 4. Here’s your chance to catch up on past episodes. The show is likely to be one of the few with new episodes, given the writer’s strike.

This DVD has 13 episodes on two discs, a gag reel, unaired scenes and one featurette with Dreyfus. Price: $29.98. Rent or buy: OK rental.


The classic James Garner TV show’s fifth season features guest stars galore: Rita Moreno (now on “Cane”), Tom Selleck (now on “Las Vegas“), Robert Alda, Robert Loggia and Bo Hopkins.

The DVD set has 22 episodes on five discs. Here’s hoping that Universal will include reunion specials when the show’s sixth and final season gets its DVD release. Price: $39.98. Rent or buy: Buy, if a fan.

SHE’S GOTTA HAVE IT This release marks the first time the Spike Lee movie is offered as a stand-alone DVD.

The director’s first feature-length film is about a sexually needy woman who must deal with the consequences of her actions. Price: $19.98. Rent or buy: Buy.

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT — 40th ANNIVERSARY EDITION The acclaimed 1967 Sidney Poitier/Rod Steiger film that won five Oscars examines race relations in a small Mississippi town. The DVD has a new digital transfer from original source material, new featurettes and vintage audio commentary. Price: $19.98. Rent or buy: Buy.

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER — 50TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr star in the famed romance about a jet-setting playboy and a ex-lounge singer who meet by chance, only to determine if they’re meant for each other. This remastered, re-release DVD has a new digital cut of the film and new special features. If you don’t already have it, this is the version to acquire. Price: $19.98. Rent or buy: Buy.

Other DVDs out Tuesday: “Saving Sarah Cain,” “Alex Haley’s Queen,” “Love Lies Bleeding,” “Already Dead,” “Wedding Daze,” “When Harry Met Sally — Collector’s Edition” and “Dragonlance — Dragons of the Autumn Twilight.”

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