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‘No soup for you!’; prepare for the ‘Meltdown’. After three weeks of huge DVD sets, this week it’s back to a slew of movies shown during the summer — with “You, Me and Dupree,” “Ice Age — The Meltdown,” “Scoop” and more.


Al Gore may be boring as a fence post, but at least he gets passionate about one thing — the environment. Depending on your political preferences, “An Inconvenient Truth” will be a principled planetary powerhouse or pure poppycock. The documentary calls attention to the growing concerns regarding global warming and the increasing risks we as humans, not just as Americans, face in the years ahead.

It is hard to label the documentary unbiased, given that there is no rebuttal given to Gore’s arguments (which are nonetheless hard to dispute given the evidence presented). But unlike the Michael Moore-type, in-your-face sensationalistic approach, “Truth” is understated, sensible and above all else doesn’t point fingers at individuals, instead taking the high road and presenting it as everyone’s problem.

The DVD includes a 30-minute introduction from Gore, two audio commentaries — one from the director and one from the crew — a music video from Melissa Etheridge and a making-of featurette. Price: $29.99. Rent or buy: Rent.


Sure, you can still see the greatest sitcom in history on syndication, but why wade through the commercials when you can see “The Soup Nazi,” “The Calzone,” “The Sponge” and so much more on “Seinfeld: Season 7,” now available on DVD. The great thing about the “Seinfeld” DVDs is the vast amount of special features included. This set is no different, with five featurettes on the show including the last few episodes with Larry David, deleted scenes, bloopers and alternate audio track commentaries. Price: $49.95. Rent or buy: Buy.


Given the cottage industry that animated films have become in the past decade, when one makes an impact it’s an achievement. “Ice Age: The Meltdown” continues the adventures of talking animals living millions of years ago who now must face a looming flood because of the melting ice. Luckily, the episodic story is decent and keeps your attention regardless of your age. The DVD includes the all new short “No Time for Nuts,” Crahs and Eddie stunts, deleted scenes, four featurettes and a director audio commentary. Price: $29.98. Rent or buy: Rent.


In a word, “You, Me and Dupree” is terrible. Carl (Matt Dillon) and Molly (Kate Hudson) invite Carl’s homeless best friend Dupree (Owen Wilson) to stay with them, where he predictably makes the newlywed couple’s lives hell by torching their place, plugging the toilet, changing the answering machine and more. Wilson has mastered the bumbling-moron role as we have seen in so many of his films and, unfortunately, this is just another to add to the list. Nothing redeeming or funny comes from “You, Me and Dupree,” it is simply another Hollywood attempt to cash in on big actors with a bad storyline. Price: $29.98. Rent or buy: Rent.


Oh boy … a fake reality show starring Tori Spelling. Train wrecks have better plotlines than this. And while watching Tori in a role mocking herself is amusing, albeit surpringly scary, it isn’t nearly as interesting as her real life troubles with her mother and the fight for the will after primetime soap guru Aaron Spelling died. Since it won’t be coming back to television, steer clear of this one. Price: $26.99 Rent or buy: Rent.

Other DVDs out now: “Boston Legal: Season 2,” “How I Met Your Mother: Season 1,” “The Punisher Extended Cut,” “Blood Stains,” “Dark Harvest 3 — Scarecrow,” “Slayer,” “Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet Seereez,” “Star Trek: Animated Adventures The Complete Series” and “Perry Mason: Season One, Volume Two”

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