Catch Cults buzz early

Some old sci-fi-horror flicks fade with time.

Others — such as David Cronenberg’s early-’80s masterpiece “Videodrome” (just reissued on DVD/Blu-Ray through Criterion) still pack a venomous bite.

Which is perhaps why the guitarist/multi-instrumentalist in hot new Gothic pop duo Cults chose to rename himself after one of its key characters, the Apocalyptic VHS prophet Brian Oblivion.

Ex-San Francisco resident Madeline Follin is his more poker-faced partner, in life as well as in studio. And on the strength of only four Internet-released tracks, the duo has already set the indie world on fire.

Even these two ardent film students were surprised by the rave reviews heaped upon “Go Outside,” “Most Wanted,” “The Curse” and the recent “Oh My God.” Now, they’ve just inked a deal with In The Name Of, via Columbia, with a full album slated for release in May.

But if you want to catch the buzz early, Cults (no relation to the noted Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy rock gods The Cult, btw) will be hitting the concert trail early, with a San Francisco date at The Independent on April 14.

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