Ashton Kutcher's Twitter flub blamed on love woes

Just when Ashton Kutcher didn’t need any more stress, he dug himself into a hole with his clueless Twitter commentary on the Penn State scandal.

After outraged followers made him painfully aware that the college’s football coach was fired over matters far more serious than football, the actor recanted, then took a break from his beloved Twitter — which means he must have been pretty darn shaken up!

But the “Two and a Half Men” star’s bout of foot-in-mouth disease was actually caused in part by his marriage woes, according to Page Six. Pals of the actor reportedly say he’s stretched to his limits these days, what with trying to save his marriage to Demi Moore and filming his new role on the TV series.

“He’s been in a bubble,” one source said. “He works 12-hour days, is trying to save his marriage and is involved in the management of close to a dozen Internet companies, so he didn’t really know what he had done until it was too late. He feels terrible.” (One wonders, then, why he took time out to tweet — but we’ll just assume for Ashton, it comes as naturally as breathing.)

Although it has been alleged that he cheated on his wife of six years — on their wedding anniversary, no less — Ashton and Demi “both want to work things out,” a friend said. “They are doing a lot of talking and Kabbalah counseling. Despite all that has happened, when it comes down to it, they both really love each other.”

For Demi’s part, “it has been a painful time, but she’s holding up,” the source said. “While there are problems, they both want to fix things. She and Ashton need each other.”

The actress is still wearing her wedding ring. Can this marriage be saved? Stay tuned.

Chace encounters

Soon after splitting with “DWTS” hoofer Derek Hough, Lauren Conrad has evidently moved on to another TV hottie: “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford. The former “Hills” star was seen “making out” with Chace on Oct. 29, a source told Us magazine.

“There’s always been an attraction between them,” a source said of the pair, who are good friends. “[But] Lauren is just enjoying herself. She’s not taking anything too seriously!”

That’s a relief, because if there’s one thing we worry about, it’s Lauren Conrad being too serious.

Vietnam visit

The Jolie-Pitt family tree famously has roots all over the world. And mama Angelina and dad Brad are committed to making sure their kids, both adopted and biological, get to know the lands where they were born.

To wit: Four years after adopting son Pax, born Pham Quang Sang, from an orphanage in Vietnam, Angie was spotted lunching with him in Ho Chi Minh City, where the eight-strong family went for a visit.

This marks the 7-year-old’s first trip back to his homeland — though he’s certainly logged more frequent-flier miles than many a CEO in the past four years!

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