Ann Curry’s alleged bad treatment by ‘Today Show’ brass

The New York Times ran an in-depth piece on the trials and tribulations of a struggling “Today Show,” outlining the bungled dismissal of Ann Curry as a symptom of a much greater problem on set.

But the real question is, when will Curry sue NBC for “creating a hostile work environment”? The story alleges that the show was a gigantic “boys club” and that executive producer Jim Bell did things like create a “bloopers reel” of Curry’s on-air gaffes to show everyone (he denies this). It also alleges that when she showed up to work in a bright yellow dress, some employees posted a picture of her in it next to Big Bird with the phrase, “Who wore it best?”

The Times says Bell created something he dubbed “Operation Bambi” to get rid of her (an accusation he also denies). When she was unceremoniously axed it left her “profoundly hurt and humiliated,” according to the Times. After she left, though, the show lost 600,000 viewers overnight and pushed its rival, “Good Morning America,” out front. It’s still struggling to this day. Karma’s a bitch.

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